Now that he has risen and the children have risen to collect the eggs and chocolate that the bunny has brought for them lets remember the real reason for Easter.

Jesus loves me! this I know,
For the Bible tells me so.
Little ones to Him belong;
they are weak but He is strong.

Yes, Jesus loves me!
Yes, Jesus loves me!
Yes, Jesus loves me!
The Bible tells me so.

I’m sure we all remember this song as children. It seems so fitting to read it again and have it in your head for the day!

May everyone have a great day with family and friends and may we spend a little more time with ones who may be ill, or unable to get out.




IT’s not about the bunny….


Twenty Eight years ago I lost my love and my best friend in a canoeing accident on Good Friday. It is a day i will never forget and think of this person often. So Easter for myself has another reason. I miss him terribly but I celebrate his life and the time we had him, he was funny and quirky and loved to laugh, he was the life of the party and has many friends and family who loved him. Rest In Peace My dear Friend,

With Easter this weekend, when we walk threw the stores we actually forget that its not about the chocolate and the stuffed bunnies and all the pretty eggs you can hide. Its about Jesus dying and rising again. That is what Easter is all about. I recall a time when a father asked his daughter what Easter was and she told him how Jesus died, she didn’t say its when we get chocolate, or the Easter bunny comes. This young girl went to Sunday School and she was taught and is being taught the real reason. I’m not saying you have to go to church to instil these beliefs, I’m merely suggesting that we teach our children the true meaning of these holidays.

It very hard now days to keep the true meaning of holidays whether it be Christmas or Easter with how commercialized its gotten.

When your asked at the end of your life if you ate enough chocolate or did you get enough gifts, I hope your reply will be, I didn’t need all those things to show me that Jesus loves me. Because I know with in my heart that I’m loved and I give love that’s what these holidays are for to reflect and know the true meaning.

I hope everyone gets to enjoy the Easter Season with Family and Friends. And remember to take the time to reflect and be thankful.


Children what a beautiful gift from God

Wouldn’t it be great to know what goes threw the minds of our small children. Wouldn’t it be great to know what they are thinking. Some children will talk your ears off while others keep to them selves. Most of us can figure it out threw the art work that they do, by the colors they use, or the pictures they make. Children are just a blessing from God.

I was recently reminded of this. A little girl age 5 was so excited to show me the little book she made me. When she showed me the book she couldn’t show me fast enough. She was flipping the pages, so excited to show me the next page. The thought and the work that she did on the little book was so sweet. At the end of the book she had made a heart and she told me its because she loved me.

So what goes threw the minds of children? Its to give love and be loved, They thrive on praise and being told how much we love them. Children are only children for a short time, so when a small child hands you a play phone, answer it like it the most important call you will ever take. Because to them, it is the most important call!

We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today. ~Stacia Tauscher

Here is a picture of the book the little girl made


Spring Time


With Spring time upon us tomorrow, and if your in Canada, it may not seem like it with the snow we have just gotten. Spring time reminds me that its a renewal and new beginning to change your thinking to be rejuvenated. It is a time to clean out the cob webs, as per say. Its time to start feel like the flowers waiting to pop up out of the ground.

Positive energy~ Its so easy to look around and notice what’s wrong. It takes practice to see whats right.

Many of us have lived around negativity for years, we have become skilled at labeling whats wrong with others. I think its time we start thinking positive what a great world we would live in. Positive energy heals others and transforms our thoughts. Choose to be positive starting with the new Spring season.



Life will always throw you a curve ball, the question is will you be ready, will you have the glove to catch whatever it throws at you? Will you be able to handle it? The chances are that you may think you can’t but in reality you have the courage and the knowledge to stand strong and be a warrior. You are never alone even though you may feel that way. Whether or not you believe in a higher God or not you are not alone. We always walk along in life with family or friends, and when things get tough and rough who do you count on. As we get older we know who we can count on. Or true friends and family will be there for you whether you have known them your whole life or just met them. Some of my best friends I have only known for a few years, They would be there in the middle of the night if i was stranded. So my question or thought for today is Who can you count on? Let them know, thank them when you see them. Everyone wants to feel like they are special.