Life will always throw you a curve ball, the question is will you be ready, will you have the glove to catch whatever it throws at you? Will you be able to handle it? The chances are that you may think you can’t but in reality you have the courage and the knowledge to stand strong and be a warrior. You are never alone even though you may feel that way. Whether or not you believe in a higher God or not you are not alone. We always walk along in life with family or friends, and when things get tough and rough who do you count on. As we get older we know who we can count on. Or true friends and family will be there for you whether you have known them your whole life or just met them. Some of my best friends I have only known for a few years, They would be there in the middle of the night if i was stranded. So my question or thought for today is Who can you count on? Let them know, thank them when you see them. Everyone wants to feel like they are special.



One thought on “LIFE

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