In the mist of the recent tragedy in Boston, I normally don’t make an opinion publicly, I will not be mentioning or giving the glory to the terrorist. I’d like to write about the Hero’s that’s step up to the plate when they are called upon. Wether it be the police, fireman or any enforcement. What warms my heart are the individuals of the community it truly effects. The by passers the ones who travel for miles or days as in the 911 attacks. The ones who kneel down and lend a hand, to the people who are in need. The people who helped with hurricane Katrina or any of the hurricanes. The Tsunami that took out a whole community, they are the heroes I’m speaking of. The people who reached out to sandy hook school. I do understand that I have not listed all of the tragedies, I’m only mentioning the ones that come to mind.
In the mist of many tragedies and the ones to come, we need to see the heroes that step up and help!

In the mist of tragedy, God is working in the hands of our Hero’s~ Tonia Giles



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