Sometimes people come into our lives for many reasons. Some may be here for a little while, while others enter into our lives for a life time of friendship. I may have few friends but the the friends I do have are precious gems.
Friends may be here to walk with us threw hard times when we need them at that time. Friends who enter and stay with you for a lifetime are the ones who you cherish and hold close to your heart.

The word friend can mean many different things. Your best friend, your mom, dad or brother and sister, cousins can also be your friend. As well some are lucky to have a best friend within their husband or wife. And then there are the friends who you work with. But the best type of friends to have are the ones who are there threw thick and thin. The ones who you have known your whole life. The ones who you will always be your friend as you know each others deepest darkest secrets.

It’s a beautiful thing to find a friend who you can sit for long periods of time with and not say a word, but know that each of you are so happy and content to just be with one another. To be able to enjoy the moments that words don’t need to be said. To know that no matter what the other says or does that they have got your back with no questions asked.
Understanding that each of you know that you can count on the other one day or night, that you will drive across the country to help them out if they needed you.

Meeting as friends but your proud to call them your family.

I have just recently learned that some friends, walk into your life at the most odd times. Being in the right place at the right time at the right moment. Were you feel like you have known each other your whole life and the first time you meet was like you were just picking up were you left off a couple of days ago.
Knowing that you would move mountains for the other.

So ask yourself, will they be in your life for a short time, or will they be with you for a lifetime of cherished memories! Friendship is a precious gem, so cherish and feed the friendship with love and support. And tell them how much you cherish them and how much they mean to you. Never miss the chance to say I Love You and thanks for being in my life.

In saying that, thank you for being a part of my life and I’m just sorry that we had not met sooner but I know that we have a life time ahead of us to make up for our missed time.
Thank you For being a part of my life, Smally