Proud Moments


I had a very proud moment today, Ive been training for doing a half marathon in this up coming June. Today I went to the gym to run and see how far I could run after training hard lately. As i started out running i felt this isn’t too bad, and as time went on it started to get harder, but with the App, that i have to calculate my miles and time, there was this lady in my ear telling me when i hit the mile mark and then I pushed on to the two mile mark and it was such a rush to continue on. But after the second mile my legs began to hurt, but i was in my rhythm and I just kept saying to myself two more miles and when i hit the fourth mile I begun to see the end. While coming around the corner and coming up to the five mile mark i could feel my eyes tear up. I made the half of the half marathon. I have said from the beginning that if i finish the half of the marathon I would be proud and that I did today. SoI know that I can do this in June.
It is now the evening, and my legs are aching a lot can barley walk but I know when I wake up it wont be as bad. Today has proven to me that when you set your mind to do something, there is no stopping when you put your heart and soul into your goals you will achieve.

Family Day

In honor of Family Day here in Ontario. I thought I would do a special blog.
Family Comes in many different forms. Whether its a traditional family with a mom and dad, or a blended family, or a same sex family, single families and adoption, foster families. And then there is the family we choose our selves that we call amazing friends. Which ever your family is whether you all get along or you have ones in your life that you may not speak to or get along with, we still love them and we need them in our lives. Family is what shapes who we are good or bad. Family Matters.
I hope that everyone is enjoying there Family Day its a beautiful day to get out and enjoy the sun.
Happy Family day to all.

Woman’s Half Marathon

20140216-150754.jpg this is the web ite for the marathon.

With only 104 days left until the Half marathon For Domestic Violence in Niagara Falls Canada for woman approaches, quickly. I have started my training for it. Ive always wanted to do a half marathon and I seen that they were having one and I thought here is my opportunity to do one. Its for woman runners or walkers. I’m really looking forward to doing this not only am I doing this for domestic violence,Im also doing it to show myself how far my life has come medically and emotionally.
I plan on finishing the marathon but if by change I cant as this is my first I will learn what I need to do, to do another one. There is never regrets in life only learning from each issue that comes up.
I Have been working out to keep in shape and to get healthy for the past three years, but I’m aware that running a marathon takes a whole other training routine. I would like to thank my trainer who has helped me get the to point that I feel comfortable to be able to even think that this is possible. I can only speculate at this point with 104 days to go that I still have a long way to go to train. Today I ran/walked 2 miles which is a great accomplishment as i usually only run the track at the gym three times around to just warm up before a work out. At the last few laps I was pushing myself and playing me some good music to continue to the 2 mile mark. Cup of life by Ricky Martin, Eye of the Tiger, Roar by Katy Perry, Flash Dance, Wrecking Ball (dont judge me) lol, Timber by Pit Bull, and some Let her Go by Passenger, these are some great songs to keep you going when the going get tough.
ITs the music playing that gets me motivated to keep on going.

Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome

There is a rare disorder that is very hard to understand and to diagnose someone that may have it. Its hard as each symptom varies in each individual. Its hard enough on adults to have this but its very hard on children as there is nothing you can do to help them but support them in an episode.

CVS is characterized by episodes or cycles of severe nausea and vomiting that last for hours, or even days, that alternate with intervals with no symptoms. Although originally thought to be a pediatric disease, CVS occurs in all age groups. Medical researchers believe CVS and migraine headaches are related (see CVS and Migraine).
Each episode of CVS is similar to previous ones, meaning the episodes tend to start at the same time of day, last the same length of time, and occur with the same symptoms and level of intensity. Although CVS can begin at any age, in children it starts most often between the ages of 3 and 7.
Episodes can be so severe that a person has to stay in bed for days, unable to go to school or work. The exact number of people with CVS is unknown, but medical researchers believe more people may have the disorder than commonly thought. Because other more common diseases and disorders also cause cycles of vomiting, many people with CVS are initially misdiagnosed until other disorders can be ruled out. CVS can be disruptive and frightening not just to people who have it but to family members as well.

There is a small group of people who either suffer or have loved ones who do if you have and or would like to learn more about this disorder please feel free to join the group.

I posted this blog to bring more awareness to this rare disorder.


Working Out


I have been laking on going to the gym as I have been busy and had the flue as well that took forever to get me out of the tired faze. Im back at the gym again, I never realized how much I totally missed it. Im so glad I have pushed myself this week to get back in. Im felling so much better but I took a beating at the gym today. Nothing feels better than knowing your doing your body good by pushing yourself to the limits of your own strength. I have been going to the gym now for three years, I will continue to always say its determination and dedication that will get you the results you want. Never give up it will always be worth it in the end. I felt like i had fallen from the gym, but being back at it again i fell stronger and better just after this week. I will never fall away from the one thing that makes me feel stronger and better about myself than walking out of the gym knowing that I have just did my body good by giving it the fuel it needs to continue to stay healthy. The best thing I did for myself was join the gym three years ago, If your able to go and do work outs or any type of exercise do it for your mind body and emotional well being. Your mind and body will thank you for it in the end. Even if you have to start walking slowly or to get a trainer to help you, its the best thing you can do. My doctor told me that when you work out its produces a hormone that is better than taking morphine for pain. That why they say even if your in pain a good work out will help, i was also told that it also helps with migraines if your on a regular weekly gym routine. So i hope you all get out if you can and start feeling better emotionally and physically.
Physical activity is also great for the heart!

Valentines Day


With tomorrow being valentines day, Do you feel you have to get or receive flowers and chocolate and gifts from loved ones? Im a person who feels that you don’t need to spend money on expensive flowers and gifts on one day a year. Why not surprise me any day of the year when Im not expecting it. I believe that we should spend quality time with the ones we love. If Time is Money than just spend some real time with me. That doesn’t cost anything. A nice bottle of wine and a romantic evening at home is what I enjoy. People are always running around working hard and spending so much time away from home its just so nice to spend it at home with the one we love.
May we all have a great day tomorrow, and don’t forget to tell the ones you love just how much they absolutely mean to you. How will you spend your Valentines day?