Working Out


I have been laking on going to the gym as I have been busy and had the flue as well that took forever to get me out of the tired faze. Im back at the gym again, I never realized how much I totally missed it. Im so glad I have pushed myself this week to get back in. Im felling so much better but I took a beating at the gym today. Nothing feels better than knowing your doing your body good by pushing yourself to the limits of your own strength. I have been going to the gym now for three years, I will continue to always say its determination and dedication that will get you the results you want. Never give up it will always be worth it in the end. I felt like i had fallen from the gym, but being back at it again i fell stronger and better just after this week. I will never fall away from the one thing that makes me feel stronger and better about myself than walking out of the gym knowing that I have just did my body good by giving it the fuel it needs to continue to stay healthy. The best thing I did for myself was join the gym three years ago, If your able to go and do work outs or any type of exercise do it for your mind body and emotional well being. Your mind and body will thank you for it in the end. Even if you have to start walking slowly or to get a trainer to help you, its the best thing you can do. My doctor told me that when you work out its produces a hormone that is better than taking morphine for pain. That why they say even if your in pain a good work out will help, i was also told that it also helps with migraines if your on a regular weekly gym routine. So i hope you all get out if you can and start feeling better emotionally and physically.
Physical activity is also great for the heart!


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