Woman’s Half Marathon


http://www.nfwhm.com/ this is the web ite for the marathon.

With only 104 days left until the Half marathon For Domestic Violence in Niagara Falls Canada for woman approaches, quickly. I have started my training for it. Ive always wanted to do a half marathon and I seen that they were having one and I thought here is my opportunity to do one. Its for woman runners or walkers. I’m really looking forward to doing this not only am I doing this for domestic violence,Im also doing it to show myself how far my life has come medically and emotionally.
I plan on finishing the marathon but if by change I cant as this is my first I will learn what I need to do, to do another one. There is never regrets in life only learning from each issue that comes up.
I Have been working out to keep in shape and to get healthy for the past three years, but I’m aware that running a marathon takes a whole other training routine. I would like to thank my trainer who has helped me get the to point that I feel comfortable to be able to even think that this is possible. I can only speculate at this point with 104 days to go that I still have a long way to go to train. Today I ran/walked 2 miles which is a great accomplishment as i usually only run the track at the gym three times around to just warm up before a work out. At the last few laps I was pushing myself and playing me some good music to continue to the 2 mile mark. Cup of life by Ricky Martin, Eye of the Tiger, Roar by Katy Perry, Flash Dance, Wrecking Ball (dont judge me) lol, Timber by Pit Bull, and some Let her Go by Passenger, these are some great songs to keep you going when the going get tough.
ITs the music playing that gets me motivated to keep on going.


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