Proud Moments


I had a very proud moment today, Ive been training for doing a half marathon in this up coming June. Today I went to the gym to run and see how far I could run after training hard lately. As i started out running i felt this isn’t too bad, and as time went on it started to get harder, but with the App, that i have to calculate my miles and time, there was this lady in my ear telling me when i hit the mile mark and then I pushed on to the two mile mark and it was such a rush to continue on. But after the second mile my legs began to hurt, but i was in my rhythm and I just kept saying to myself two more miles and when i hit the fourth mile I begun to see the end. While coming around the corner and coming up to the five mile mark i could feel my eyes tear up. I made the half of the half marathon. I have said from the beginning that if i finish the half of the marathon I would be proud and that I did today. SoI know that I can do this in June.
It is now the evening, and my legs are aching a lot can barley walk but I know when I wake up it wont be as bad. Today has proven to me that when you set your mind to do something, there is no stopping when you put your heart and soul into your goals you will achieve.


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