BRCA 1 BRCA 2 Cancer Risk nd Genetic Testing


Today there is a lot of discussion on the topic whether to have your breast removed or your ovaries and tubes removed, do to having the Brca 1-2 cancer gene. 

Angelina Jolie had her breast removed some time ago to prevent cancer. And today it has been announced that she has had her ovaries and fallopian tubes removed to prevent cancer.  I think this is a great option for woman. 

When I was going to collage I did my project on this many years ago. When this was new information. I wish I had the information that I had collected from Cancer Professionals. 

I have a strong opinion on this and believe that if there is any chance on getting cancer, then its a great way to be able to prevent it while you are strong enough to go threw with the operations that to have to go threw it when you are ill with cancer.

I hope that this story makes you think about how you feel about it this and if you were faced with having the gene, what would you do? 

The BRCA 1-2 gene, is a gene that shows if there is any possibility if you will develop cancer in the future, in the breast, overies and fallopian tubes. 

I’m a woman who has had a complete hysterectomy when I was younger, but I do know that if I knew that there was a possibility that I may develop cancer I would for sure have a breast removal surgery. 

Im all about being pro active when it comes to my health. Age now days is only a number, its all in how you feel. 

I hope this article makes you think about your options and if your faced with the option, what would you do? 

I have included a website that discusses this gene and what its all about. 




Today being the third anniversary of my grandfathers passing. He had a heart attack. He had a heart attack. He was planning a trip to Niagara Falls that day and had just finished Breakfast and went down the hall to get ready to leave, His wife thought he was taking longer than he should have, so she went down to the hall to get ready herself and to see what he was up to. There she found him on the floor unresponsive. He had had a heart attack. 

It was a complete shock to all of his family and loved ones. It makes you re evaluate your own life, when you realize that in an instant life can end at any time. 

Everyone deals with death in many different ways. And each person deals with it in many different ways. It depends on the circumstances of the others passing that determines how we react to their passing. 

Where its someone who has passed from old age, a small child who was taken too soon or someone who’s has been suffering with some type of illness. Either way another’s passing is not easy. 

It”s what we do with how we react that is what matters. May we always find the comfort in what we believe in, whether its your religion or your your beliefs. 

I met a singer one night and I purchased a couple of his cd’s his one song was amazing. It was about loosing someone too soon. I have included the words and his links. 

The song is called:


Would have said goodbye if I knew I was going

Would have hugged you twice but no one saw it coming

Now I hear you telling God that it’s not fair

And I know you’re wondering how I’m doing here

I miss you but not that much

Cause I’m still with you I’m just not close enough

To reach out and wipe away the lonely tear that’s

Rolling down your face

This is me telling you through a song

I’m okay

So go on with your life don’t waste another moment

Sleep in peace tonight and wake up tomorrow knowing

That you’re free to feel the sun and smile again

I’ll meet you down the road but until then

I miss you but not that much

Cause I’m still with you I’m just not close enough

To reach out and wipe away the lonely tear that’s

Rolling down your face

This is me telling you through a song

I’m okay

This is me telling you through a song

Yea it’s me telling you through a song

I’m okay

Here is a link to Codies song via you tube please take a moment to listen to this, for anyone who has passed or anyone who is having a difficult time.

take a moment to listen to Codie sing the song.

Codie Prevost

Twitter is @codieprevost 

I hope you enjoyed today blog. 



Today is the first full day of spring, the sun is shining bright and the snow is melting. There is still the bite in the air that states we are not out of the winter one hundred percent just yet. SPRING is a time for renewal and new growth, whether it is the flowers that start to come out of the ground, the buds starting to come out onto the trees. And the smell of Lilacs in the air, in the next couple of months.

The lawns are looking horrible from all the dirt and salt from the winters roads. But with spring comes the rain to wash the lawns and the roads. Which will turn our lawns back to the nice green, from when it died off from the fall. 

SPRING is also a time to clean up and clean out your home, opening windows to get a breeze to get some fresh air into your home after the long winter. 

Its also a time to reflect on your own life, a time to reflect on how you want to make your self better. Wether you want to get out and get active, to get in fit or to just become more active. A time to find a place that you feel safe to walk and clear your mind of negative thoughts. Its known that the winter causes people to become more depressed as we are stuck inside for months as most people hate the cold and find it hard to get out and socialize with others as much as we would like. 

I read out the Book The language of Letting Go, By Melody Beattie. And its fitting that the first day of SPRING March 20, the passage topic for that Day was Releasing, and its fitting as well for today on my blog topic. about SPRING.

I have included a picture of the book cover and the passage out of yesterdays reading, It sums up what my topic is about today. 

Have a great day and may I hope that you find comfort in todays Blog. Happy SPRING


Doctors Appointments in Ontario Canada 

Has it ever occurred to you how our doctors appointments work. I was in to see the specialist last Thursday as Im going threw some medical issues at this time. The doctor ordered to have an MRI test with in 48-72 hours, Being a Thursday I figured I would no hear from them atleast until Monday to book the appointment. To my surprise they called me Friday from the booking department, at the Oshawa Hospital. The appointment was going to be in April. I pointed out that the doctor wanted it a lot sooner than that. And Explained what they were looking for, so sh stated that she would send the form right to the MRI department. They called me back On Tuesday to book it for the next day Wednesday at 6:30 in the morning. I was glad they were able to get me in so quickly. 

In the mean time I was asked to call the specialist back to book for my results. So I called at 9:00am to book it, and she stated that the should could not get me in until the beginning of June, which I feel is way to long to get results to something that the doctor wanted done right away. Last Thursday she could have gotten me in, in April, but we decided that i would call her when the appointment was made. Now heres the confusion she answers calls from 9-12 mon-fri, and I know that shes not just booking appointments within these hours, so from Friday to Wed she booked up all of April, May and June.This makes me really think…hmmm. I understand that there is more hours in the day but I cant see them booking this far in advance. Things that make you go hmmm. On the other hand she states that if your having to go back to the hospital because your getting worse, then the issue may be fixed by then. Another head scratching moment. Needles to say, I had a pre appointment booked with my family doctor, and I was able to get my results and  my family doctor is on it, much faster. 

The things that make you think, and makes me wonder why we have to wait for so long. 

I’m glad that they are getting things looked at. 

I also have to say they have been faster in the ER and they have been so great the nurses and doctors. It renews my faith in the medical field. 


Our Parents Or Guardians 

I was speaking to someone, this morning, that got me thinking, how has your parents influenced you, that while you were younger you had no idea, but now that your older you, and now you see what an influence your parents had been. 

I was commenting that when I was younger when we would be playing with toys we were told to put them away before we took out other toys. I realized that it has taught me that you must clean up after yourself, also that you must finish one thing before you start another. It amazes me that even the simple things that our parents may have been saying, that I don’t think they realized what they were actually saying as well. 

Have you ever thought about the little things that our parents have said, now that we are older we can relate to what they were trying to say or not meaning to. I had a great child hood I had parents who loved me, and extended family who loved me. We had been a very close family and still are today. Even though we may not see each other weekly we all know that we are all one phone call away from being there for the other. 

We are like others, we still had issues and we were not a perfect family but the one thing we knew was we could count on each other. In fact we may be closer now as we have technology to keep everyone in the loop with each there. Parents can now keep in touch vie texting or phone, and grandparents now can text or look at Facebook to keep up with the grand kids. Not that this is the best way but its sure another way to keep up as this is how the teenagers are communicating. Is this the best way probably not as a phone call or seeing others in person is better, but it sure helps the older generation build a gap between them. 

My question to you is what have your parents taught you, or what have you learned from them that you would pass on to others. 

Call or reach out to your loved ones today…..its never too late.

A Shoutout To Our Doctors and Nurses, in Ontario 

I have been sick a lot in my life so I know how the Er is and how the doctors and nurses are when it comes to trying to help their patients. 

I would like to give a shout out to our hard working Doctors and Nurses here in Ontario, Canada. I have been going back and forth to the hospital trying to figure out what is going on with me. The first time that I went to the ER in Lake Ridge Health  Bowmanville last week. I took and number and was called right away, to the Traige Nurse, and then went to register, I did not wait that long to be called back to see the doctor. The doctor was in to see me within minutes and when he stepped out he came back with the nurse with a gown and explaining to me that I was getting IV fluids, pain meds and gravol. I was sent home a few hours later as they were able to make me comfortable. I then had received a call from my doctor to meet him at the ER as some results came in.  I was in seen him and out within a couple of hours. The next week I had to return to the ER as I was extremely sick, I was taken into the ER by wheel chair as I was unable to walk as I had been sick from the time I got into the car until I arrived at the doors. They wheeled me to a bed and within minutes I had another IV, pain meds and gravol. I had an appointment with a specialist within the next coupe of days, the doctors have an idea of whats going on, so the doctor was concerned about making me comfortable. The Doctor came in to tell me that she was releasing me from her care, but that I was able to stay and that the nurses had orders to continue giving me the meds that I needed, untilI felt that I was able to head home. The care that I have been receiving from our doctors and nurses this time that Ive been sick has been great, I know that this is not the case for most, as I could hear others talking of other ER’s around the area and how they had to wait for hours just to be seen by a doctor. I felt that telling my story can give hope to others that are needing to go to the ER. I feel that the doctors and Nurses dont get told enough how well they are doing. We only hear of how long the wait is and how long we have to wait for tests, and appointments.  

I just wanted to share my story and to thank the Doctors and Nurses for the wonderful treatment and care that I received at  Lake Ridge Health Bowmanville. 


To view any Lakeridge health information please check out

47 Liberty St S, Bowmanville, ON L1C 2N4, Canada