Our Parents Or Guardians 

I was speaking to someone, this morning, that got me thinking, how has your parents influenced you, that while you were younger you had no idea, but now that your older you, and now you see what an influence your parents had been. 

I was commenting that when I was younger when we would be playing with toys we were told to put them away before we took out other toys. I realized that it has taught me that you must clean up after yourself, also that you must finish one thing before you start another. It amazes me that even the simple things that our parents may have been saying, that I don’t think they realized what they were actually saying as well. 

Have you ever thought about the little things that our parents have said, now that we are older we can relate to what they were trying to say or not meaning to. I had a great child hood I had parents who loved me, and extended family who loved me. We had been a very close family and still are today. Even though we may not see each other weekly we all know that we are all one phone call away from being there for the other. 

We are like others, we still had issues and we were not a perfect family but the one thing we knew was we could count on each other. In fact we may be closer now as we have technology to keep everyone in the loop with each there. Parents can now keep in touch vie texting or phone, and grandparents now can text or look at Facebook to keep up with the grand kids. Not that this is the best way but its sure another way to keep up as this is how the teenagers are communicating. Is this the best way probably not as a phone call or seeing others in person is better, but it sure helps the older generation build a gap between them. 

My question to you is what have your parents taught you, or what have you learned from them that you would pass on to others. 

Call or reach out to your loved ones today…..its never too late.


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