Doctors Appointments in Ontario Canada 

Has it ever occurred to you how our doctors appointments work. I was in to see the specialist last Thursday as Im going threw some medical issues at this time. The doctor ordered to have an MRI test with in 48-72 hours, Being a Thursday I figured I would no hear from them atleast until Monday to book the appointment. To my surprise they called me Friday from the booking department, at the Oshawa Hospital. The appointment was going to be in April. I pointed out that the doctor wanted it a lot sooner than that. And Explained what they were looking for, so sh stated that she would send the form right to the MRI department. They called me back On Tuesday to book it for the next day Wednesday at 6:30 in the morning. I was glad they were able to get me in so quickly. 

In the mean time I was asked to call the specialist back to book for my results. So I called at 9:00am to book it, and she stated that the should could not get me in until the beginning of June, which I feel is way to long to get results to something that the doctor wanted done right away. Last Thursday she could have gotten me in, in April, but we decided that i would call her when the appointment was made. Now heres the confusion she answers calls from 9-12 mon-fri, and I know that shes not just booking appointments within these hours, so from Friday to Wed she booked up all of April, May and June.This makes me really think…hmmm. I understand that there is more hours in the day but I cant see them booking this far in advance. Things that make you go hmmm. On the other hand she states that if your having to go back to the hospital because your getting worse, then the issue may be fixed by then. Another head scratching moment. Needles to say, I had a pre appointment booked with my family doctor, and I was able to get my results and  my family doctor is on it, much faster. 

The things that make you think, and makes me wonder why we have to wait for so long. 

I’m glad that they are getting things looked at. 

I also have to say they have been faster in the ER and they have been so great the nurses and doctors. It renews my faith in the medical field. 



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