Today is the first full day of spring, the sun is shining bright and the snow is melting. There is still the bite in the air that states we are not out of the winter one hundred percent just yet. SPRING is a time for renewal and new growth, whether it is the flowers that start to come out of the ground, the buds starting to come out onto the trees. And the smell of Lilacs in the air, in the next couple of months.

The lawns are looking horrible from all the dirt and salt from the winters roads. But with spring comes the rain to wash the lawns and the roads. Which will turn our lawns back to the nice green, from when it died off from the fall. 

SPRING is also a time to clean up and clean out your home, opening windows to get a breeze to get some fresh air into your home after the long winter. 

Its also a time to reflect on your own life, a time to reflect on how you want to make your self better. Wether you want to get out and get active, to get in fit or to just become more active. A time to find a place that you feel safe to walk and clear your mind of negative thoughts. Its known that the winter causes people to become more depressed as we are stuck inside for months as most people hate the cold and find it hard to get out and socialize with others as much as we would like. 

I read out the Book The language of Letting Go, By Melody Beattie. And its fitting that the first day of SPRING March 20, the passage topic for that Day was Releasing, and its fitting as well for today on my blog topic. about SPRING.

I have included a picture of the book cover and the passage out of yesterdays reading, It sums up what my topic is about today. 

Have a great day and may I hope that you find comfort in todays Blog. Happy SPRING



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