Eating Healthy Verses Not So Healthy

imageToday I took a trip to my local grocery store and local farmers market to stock up on food. I was out of most healthy food, fruits and vegetables. Ive always eaten healthy, but have never put much thought into the cost factor verses eating not so healthy. Which made me wonder how healthy are people really eating.

When I arrived home to unload m goods, I realized how much healthy food I had got. Fruits and vegetables, $65.00 worth. How does a family of four actually eat healthy. My bill was $106.00 the rest of the bill after that was meat and things that you need weekly bread, eggs, milk.
This is crazy, Im aware that prices have gone up but when well over half of my bill went to fruits and vegetables this made me angry.

Doctors and Government wonder why we have an obesity issue. This blog issues is not to debate skinny verses obesity issues but its to open our eyes and say why should people be made to pay so much to eat healthy. The food I got today was for one person, not a family of three, four or more.

I don’t think this is fair by all means. I know a lot of people who would love to be able to eat healthy, and fresh but lets face most cant afford to do this.