Mi Pequena Casa – My Tiny House

Some people love big homes with lots of room to rome around and entertain, and some live in tiny homes. After watching Tiny Homes on HGTV Canada I thought I would write about my home. I live in a tiny home and I love it. I live in a basement apartment, and I love my tiny place, its comfy, cozy and its a place you should feel safe. Im proud of my home and Im surrounded by the things I love that family and fineds have givine me. I have chosen to share my home with you all. I hope you enjoy. I belive that its not about how big you live, its about ho your home makes you feel.  

In the living room I use two boxes which hold my dvd’s, blankets and extra stuff that I do not use every day. I have put a tray ontop of then to make a coffee table. When I have more guests I then can use the cubes as extra seating. I also have two bucket seats to be able to have more room and more seats, allowing more comfort for my guests. Baskets are amazing for extra storage. 

In the washroom it is large enough to have a dresser for clothes, and linens. I also have a storage bin under the stairs to have more space a well. 

In the kitchen I use beautiful glass jars and canisters to store my stuff. not only is it great for storage it looks great as well and saves space. I have a beautiiful glass table that has two seats but is big enought to seat  six people around it, comfortably. And with it having a glass table it makes the space look larger. 

In my beautiful bedroom, which I call my place of serenity. I have a double bed which has beautiful linens and big beautiful pillows. I love to travel and I love that by bed makes me feel like Im on vacation all the time.  I refinished a book shelf to house my beautiful shoes and handbags. Which allows me to see them as well and get to them easily. 

Behind the curtain, I store my pots and pans and other kitchen things, as well i store my Christma things and I have a closet organizer in ther as well. to store my dresses and other clothes that I do not wear on a regular basis. 

I have made my place, a place to call home, and Im proud to share my home with you. I hope you enjoyed it. Living tiny in a big world. 



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