Being Alone Does Not Mean Your Lonely 


Being Alone does not mean your lonely.. It means you enjoy your own company. 
When one learns to not mind being alone, one will learn what true peace is. Wether you are able to putter around the home, read or when someone asks you to do something and you reply, no it’s ok I’m not doing anything today, and you mean it, because your just enjoying being alone. 

I love being around my friends and family but I also love being home alone with a good book or sitting alone blogging, with a cup of tea. Some one once said to me  that once you learn to love yourself and being alone that is when you learn who you really are. Whether you pray or meditate, that is also another way to learn who you truly are. 
My wish for everyone is that everyone learns to love themselves and love being alone. so my question for you is what makes you happy? What do you enjoy doing when your able to take some time for yourself? 
Comment below and keep the conversation going, what makes you feel complete and happy? 


4 thoughts on “Being Alone Does Not Mean Your Lonely 

  1. elvirababy says:

    I really enjoyed reading this post and could totally relate to enjoying one’s own company. I have been called reclusive by several friends and family members and maybe, in some ways, I am but as a writer I prefer a lot of alone time. I enjoy the quietness and the peace that solitude provides. Making myself a pot of tea, writing, reading, blogging just as you said. My books are my escape …

    • chowbaby111 says:

      yes many people do not understand that when I say Im doing nothing, it doesn’t mean that I want to do anything it means Im doing nothing. A pot of tea and either writing or reading a good book is a great stress releaser. Thanks for reading and following my blog. Tonia

  2. Keetha says:

    That was really nice Tonia. I’ve never really talked to you, but have admired you from afar. I’d like to work with you on a video, using these images and story line. You may have seen some of work on awareness videos for CVS Speaks. What do you think?

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