What do your friends mean to you. Are they the sister you never had, are they the brother that you never had. Are your friends life long friends or are they new friends? Do you have many friends or do you have a small select few.

Do you you speak to your best friend every day or do you have a type of relationship that you speak threw out the week? Or do you have those friends that you live apart but when you finally see each other its like you never were apart?

I was once explained that friends can be summed up into boxes, friends have the same type of qualities so they can go into once box and then there are friends that you have that the others friends may never meet. Not all your friends need to know each other. You may have friends that you enjoy going out with and other friends you may just hang out with and have a coffee with. Some friends you see all the time as you may be closer than the other friends not that you think any less of your other friends but we gel differently with different people. Some you may get along together but you would never go away with them as they may drive you crazy for one reason or another. And the saying goes if you want to know how well you get along with your friends go away with them and see how you get along. 

Everyone needs friends as they are what we thrive and enjoy our lives with, Sometimes our siblings can be our best friends as well. And the other saying as well is you can pick your friends but you can pick your family.   

I have a few great friends, and I have many acquaintances And now with Social media we probably have many friends that we know or knew at some time in our lives but we don’t see them on a regular basis.  

I know some schools still do reunions but really is it necessary now with social media. All we have to do now is log onto Facebook and see what our old friends are up to. What they look and how many children they have. This can be a great tool to keep up wth our friends and family.

I think friends are great to have, they can make you laugh and wipe away your tears when needed, hold you accountable and maybe get into some trouble with. Fun trouble that is.  

Do you have a friend that you haven’t seen in awhile that you miss?

Do you think that men and woman can be strictly friends? I personally think they can I have many great male friends. Many that I have had for years.

They are like brothers to me and I know that at any time that I can call upon them to come to my rescue if needed. Men can be great sounding boards as well to help woman understand the men they are dating. Its all about trust and great communication.

If you have a best friend give them a call or reach out and spend some time with them. Life is too short. Your friend may need you as much as you need them! 



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