My story is one that I haven’t shared with many outside family and close friends. Im hoping by sharing my story Im able to help others that struggle. I have come a long way since my last battle with illness, a time where I never seen an end to the suffering of illness.

So by telling my story Im hoping that others may see the light at the end of their story.

 I believe as most stories do, it started when I was born forty three years ago. I was born a healthy weight but within a couple of days I was unable to eat and began to be unable to eat, and I dropped to three pounds.With other underlying issues as well. At the time they were un sure of what the issue was so they sent me to Toronto Sick Kids in Toronto Ontario, which was an hour away. I was three days old when they had to do surgery to remove a mass that was in my stomach, which was causing me to be unable to hold food down. I was so ill that I was in the hospital for three months, but remember this was a time when technology was not as good as it is today. My family had to travel to see me, which back then was a huge deal. My mother would stay there with me as no mother would leave their new born baby alone in a hospital. Which Im sure caused a financial strain on the family. As well I had an brother who was 6 years older. Which Im sure was very confusing to him as he wouldn’t understand why his baby sister could not come home . 
This was the beginning to a life long struggle to stay well. I continued to have stomach issues throughout my childhood years. I began to have severe pain. It also felt like a heart tack, not that an eleven year old would know what that felt like, but I sure did, it’s the only way I knew how to explain it. After months of testing in my cities hospital, they decided to send me back to Sick Children’s Hospital. I was there a month to find out I had Gallstones and they had been baffled as they had not seen a young child with stones at that time. They let me out to eat a juicy hamburger to see if it would bring on a pain attack and it worked. I ended up having surgery the next day. To find out I had, had the stones for they say for a couple years due to the size of them. I was the youngest person to have had a gallbladder removed. Im in the books. I was eleven years old.  

I have also had exploratory surgeries to see what was causing different pain through out the years.

When I was 21 years old I then had to have a complete hysterectomy due to woman’s issues. 

I then ended up being diagnosed after a three month stay in hospital with Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome. My stomach had paralyzed and I was unable to digest food. They placed a feeding tube by passing my stomach. I had this in place for about six months. I suffered sever dehydration having to have IV fluids everyday. Working with my doctor and specialist I was able to train my stomach to start working again. It was a very long process but little by little I was able to train my stomach to receive food again.  

Now after 6 years Im able to eat well, minus a few things that don’t agree with me. Im also able to gain weight and keep it on. I still have days that are not that great, but I have more great days now than ever before.  

My saying is Do not judge me from my past, I no longer live there. I would like to thank all of the hard working Nurses, doctors and anyone who had a hand in my health care. I know it was not easy for any of you, I was a hard case to crack most of the time. May your endless days and nights of trying to figure it out be blessed with the knowing that you saved a new born baby and helped a young girl get healthy to live on to be a woman of strength and courage to continue on. Never under estimate the power of ones own strength and power of prayer and the love from family and friends.  

Thank you to 

DR. Gysler Credit Valley Hospital in Missisauga

Dr. Moore St. Micheals Hospital Toronto

Dr. Crisp  Oshawa Nurology  

Dr. Lottering my family Doctor, thank you for always making time, when your time is busy. 

This is my story,



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