Dirty Dancing Live Production
Seve years ago I went to see the the live production of The movie Dirty Dancing, the show was amazing and it was so good that I seen it three times, in the same running in Toronto Ontario Canada at the Famous Ed Mirvish Theater. The production and props were amazing. The people who played our beloved characters Johnny Castle and Baby Houseman were true to the original movie actors. Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey.  

I was so excited when I heard that Dirty Dancing was returning to the stage again. Mom and I went online and grabbed our tickets as the show was only going to be At the Ed Mirvish Theater for five days. The day had come and we were both excited.  


This is my review of the show:

The beginning began the same way the movie started, but we noticed that they would start to say things which was not the same, which was fine as this was a theatre play. The props and back grounds fell short of the previous shows. There was a lot of screens being used as back drops with pictures on them. In the previous shows they actually had buildings and doors they actually knocked on. They used more of the real thing and not pictures on a screen. This was disappointing. At one point they were to be driving in the movie and they just stood there and he moved his hands as if he was driving. In the previous show they came out in a car and it was true to life. When they had to be in the water doing the famous scene of lifting up Baby it was just a screen that you could still see the bottom parts of their body in this show. In the previous shows they were in front of the screen but it was more true to life. The person who was also playing Johnny actually did not even look like him. His voice somewhat sounded like him depending on what he was saying. The person who played Baby looked similar and sounded like her which was good.  

Im not saying I didn’t enjoy the show it was good but as it went on they had added other scenes to the show that was not even in the movie. Don’t get me wrong I do understand that the theatre play was not the movie but I believe when you do a show you should stick to what the movie was that’s what make it the classic we all knew. Most people know the movie word for word and when they start to change the dialogue it changes how you look at the play. Your constantly saying to yourself well that’s not in the movie. Which I think, took away from the show.

The actors were good and the music was great as Dirty Dancing is what it was.

I feel the show fell flat to the Original Show that was on stage before.

It’s a shame because we were looking so forward to seeing it.

I believe that once they do a show like this they need to not do another remake, especially when the first one was extraordinary and when you see it the first time and then see it twice after and take others because its so good.

I truly wish I could have gave it a better review as I was hoping to enjoy it as much as I did before. Like I wrote before the actors were good and did the best they could with what they had to work with.

If they bring it back to stage again Im sure I will go back and see it again. Hoping for another great show like the first time. All in all it was a great night with my mom. My rating of this show was a 4/10, I truly wish I could have rated it more but I cant.

If they do another remake I will still go. The movie was a classic.  







The last couple of days it has been gearing up to winter. We have had a couple of days with some nice flurries making the grounds and trees look beautiful. Im not a huge an of the cold weather but I love the way the snow makes the grounds look clean and fresh. I love watching the beautiful smiles on the faces of the children when they see the snow falling for the first time of the season. May you find a new way to look at the winter season. Waking up to see the fresh fallen snow is a beautiful thing.  

If your able to take a walk in the evening while its snowing take a look up into the sky it’s a beautiful thing.  





This should not be happening, it breakes my heart


Keep Paris in your thoughts and hold your family close. 





TRAVEL How Do You Relax


 How do you relax? Do you love the sun, sand, and crystal blue waters of the ocean or do you enjoy downhill skiing in the mountains. Or do you enjoy going on a Safari in Africa or the out backs of Australia, or maybe you would love the cobble stone streets of Italy or Greece.

Nothing feels better than knowing your getting on a plane and heading out of the bitter cold winters of your town. Your body then begins to relax when you know you are heading out of the every day grind. Knowing that soon you will be putting you toes in the white sand or strapping on your ski’s to fly down a mountain.

Your mind, body and soul then relaxes. The tension of the past months begin to fade away. Everyone needs a vacation and time to unwind, its great for your health and soul.

I love to travel to the crystal clear waters of the Ocean. I have been many places and plan to go to many more places. I try to travel once a year. It’s a time I can turn off my phone, and relax the mind. I love to get up early sit by the water and take in the quiet sounds of the ocean. The smell of the salt water. I enjoy taking a long walk on the beach with my favourite music playing in my ears. Having no place to go but the to grab a cold drink, and a bite to eat. Talking to new people and speaking with the people of the resort getting to know their story.

I do not take it lightly that I have been able to travel. I think it’s a blessing that we are able to go and enjoy other islands and places. Being able to meet and become friends with people that we may have never met before. Being able to learn another culture or way of life is a great blessing that we are able to do.

I have had the privilege to have been able to travel to these countries and provinces. I have not listed the following to brag, I have listed it to state that Im a traveller and that I have seen how the poor under developed countries are and I have also seen the more well off  countrys as well.



CubaVaradero, Santa Maria, a lot

Dominican Republic a couple of times


FLORIDA a few times as a child



MEXICO a few times



NEWFOUNDLAND a few times



I love going to Santa Maria Cuba it’s a 90 minute bus ride from Santa Clara and your 40 minutes on a cause way alone. The Island Santa Maria is a beautiful Island the people are amazing. It’s a very quiet Island, if you are looking to party and hang out this is not the Island for you. If your looking for relaxing and the most beautiful beach then this island is for you. The people that work on the resorts are all bused to and from work, the have there own man made, El Pueblo (the town)
I had the opportunity to travel to St. Martin and Aruba last winter, I loved both but I fell in love with Aruba. The resort had its own, Island that had two beaches on it, for family and adult only which have flamingos on the beaches. It’s the most beautiful thing that I had ever seen.

I loved Bermuda as well the colours of the houses when you are flying in, is amazing.

St. Martin was nice as well, it was a busy week of water sports and great fun. Touring around the island on jet skies was the high light of the week. Seeing all of the homes and the yachts that were docked in the harbours.

Being in any country is amazing and each come with their own experiences. If you travel often or have never been you should really try to take a vacation. It changes who you are and it’s memories that you will always have. 




I may ruffle some feathers with this post. I like to talk about current news and things that everyone is talking about and Ive noticed that a lot people are speaking about the fact that STARBUCKS has not put any CHRISTMAS themed things on the cups. They usually have a red cup with Christmas themed pictures on it but this year they put out a red cup with their logo on it. It starts out red and goes ombre down to a light burgundy.  

 I also know that people get upset when People decorate or put up their trees before our Remembrance day which is November 11, in Canada. So I personally am not sure which we should be upset that they didn’t put anything on the cups or the fact that they put nothing on the cups and released a nice cup before November 11 and made them nicer than the white that they have year round.

I did enjoy seeing what the new themed cups would be every Christmas Season, but its nice that they did it plain and nice. They still have Christmas decorations up around the Cafe’s, So it’s not that Starbucks is against Christmas. I personally think they just did something different this year.

 I have included the video that all the talk is about.   

I hope I didn’t ruffle too may feathers. With this blog today.  

Just enjoy the Season and a cup of JOE or TEA or a LATTE Which ever you enjoy.

May everyone have a great Season, With Thanksgiving coming up for The USA and Christmas coming up. What ever you celebrate may you spend time with Family and friends and may you have safe travels along the way.  




To Get the FLUE SHOT or Not!


 This past Thanksgiving I came down with the flue bug and it wasn’t even the flue season.The Flue shot had not even come out yet. I was extremely ill. I was vomiting and had a high fever. If I wasn’t throwing up I was sleeping. This went on for two days. Unable to eat or drink anything. It really sucked as I was unable to enjoy a dinner until after that, someone brought home for me. A week later I was at my doctors office and I asked him if he had the flue shot and he stated he did and due to already getting the flue I chose to get the needle.

There is a huge debate that if you get the flue shot that it can cause you to be ill after. SO I asked my doctor. He stated that in most cases it just the symptoms of the flue shot and if you do get sick that your body was already in the process of having the bug.  

I received the needle last Thursday and since then, my dad was in town for a few days passing threw on his way to Florida, I see him every six months so I wasn’t about to tell him to not come due to having a cold. I had also been around others that weekend that had been sick with colds.  

This past week I had a couple days that my stomach had been feeling off out of no where I would have to run to the washroom and I generally just felt run down and off. Last evening I began having a very soar throat and this am I woke very early to a soar throat that has gotten worse and a very dry cough that causes me to gag. Not fun. 

So my question is to everyone, Do we actually get sick from the flue shot or is it that our body is already ill before getting the shot. As well you are contagious and ill a couple days before you actually get your symptoms from the cold and flue.  

This debate has always caused great conversations.  

Do you get the flue needle or do you opt out due to getting ill? Hit me up in the comments I would love to hear from you all.

I hope all stay healthy over the next Holiday Seasons.




Thank you to all who read liked and sent me personal messages in regards to my blog the last couple days, yesterday there was 103 views and today there was 111 views as of now. thank you all for following and supporting me, I love you all. I will do my best to continue to blog and share my thoughts and feelings. Plese feel free to coment on the blog. And if you feel you would like to share it please  feel free. 

And again 



November 3 2015

This is a letter that my mother wrote to a radio station that was running a contest to win an all inclusive payed trip to a vacation destination to a deserving person. I was totally unaware of my mother doing this until she handed me the letter and told me what she had done this is what she wrote. I was shocked and had no Idea that I was her inspiration. Children are the ones who are to look up to their parents, so this was amazing to read. I thought I would share this with you all.

Thanks mom I love you to infinity and beyond you have always been my rock!



This pay it forward letter is in regards to my daughter Tonia Giles. Tonia has been an inspiration to me since the day she was born. At a few days old she was fighting for her life from major surgery at Sick Kids Hospital. She continued to fight for the first 3 months of her life, with many complications due to her surgery with out leaving the hospital. Tubes and wires covering her tiny little 3 pound body. I brought her home at 3 months old weighing 7 pounds. Since then she was back and forth from sick kids having multiple surgery’s.  

It wasn’t until 2007 that doctors at St. Michaels Hospital diagnosed her with a very rare disorder, that she has, called Cyclic Vomiting syndrome. She has a facebook group page with over 1000 members she made 5 years ago when she felt alone and needed to reach out to 

someone. These people in the group are suffering with the disorder or have children who suffer. Tonia runs this page and offers support to others who no longer need to feel alone, She is an inspiration to many in the group.

On Dec 06, 2012 Tonia had the amazing experience of her life, a plastic surgeon doctor operated on Tonias scar that ran from her chest bone to her pelvic bone, which was very deformed due to many surgeries. The OHIP covered this after the doctor pleading her case.  

When Tonia and I took the bandages off on Dec-09/2012 Tonia could not contain her emotions.

Tonia is 40 years old and she cried and thanked the Doctor and God. She could not believe her eyes. It looked amazing even under the stitches. She said it was the best Christmas gift she could have gotten and asked me how she could re pay the Doctor. 

Tonia has always helped others less fortunate than her self and in 40 years she has never said Why me? she always says why not me. She is the most positive person we all have ever known. Even though her wishes were to have a great marriage and children she has been unable to have children due to surgery. Only 4 days after her surgery she asked me to take her to get things to send down to South Africa to a school, that her friends are going to help and spread joy to the small children of Africa. She so deserves the amazing gift you are offering. Please consider her as a person who gives and is a inspiration to others. 

I hope you choose my Daughter who inspires me to be a better person and everyone who knows her. 

Thank you, Her Mother Karen It is now 2015 and we are well over 2,360 people in the group and growing.



Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome #cvsisarealthing


CVS is a disorder that not many people have heard of, But when you have the illness, and you belong to a group of people who have it, or look after someone who does have it, you realize its more common than not. So why is it then that doctors have not heard of it or why do they seem to think that patients that come into the ER are drug seekers. This is disorder can be very debilitating, as well a person may not look ill all the time.

Please take a look and get to know what CVS is in the link below.


People who have this can range in age from infant to being diagnosed at an older age. People who have this feel very very alone, this illness is also an invisible illness as you can feel great one minute and then the next your feeling horrible. It can be very debilitating.

I started a Facebook group 6 years ago, https://www.facebook.com/groups/25359810136/ as I was very ill from this disorder myself. I started it to keep my friends and family up to date with my illness and now its has 3,533  members, people who suffer or they are supporting people who suffer or they are parents of children who have CVS. Having CVS myself I cant imagine being a parent and having to watch a child go threw this.

Im still trying to figure how so many people have this illness and doctors still are unaware of this disorder and are telling the patient that they are making it up or that they are anorexia/bulimia or that they are seeking drugs. This angers me. Why would anyone want to suffer such a disorder.

Im so glad that I started the group on Facebook it’s a great place for people to connect and not feel so alone. Whether it be the person who is suffering or a parent or loved one. Sometimes it brings tears to my eyes when I get a personal note from one of them telling me how this group have changed their lives and how they no longer feel alone.

I pray that each and every person who suffers this disorder are able to get a cure for this disorder and not just having to take medication to help with the symptoms. One may feel great and then all of a sudden get a really bad migraine or severe stomach aches or start to throw up for hours or even days at a time. Most people suffer severe migraines. Which cause vomiting as well.

I pray for each and everyone who suffers this horrible illness.

I have included some pictures of people who have allowed me to post on the blog. The group has many more pictures of people who suffer with CVS and there are thousands more.

This Illness may not be known by the public a lot of doctors but for the ones who do have it become frustrated to have to explain why they are ill a lot of the time.

I chose to blog about CVS to bring awarness to the public. I hope you learned something new that many suffer and when you see someone who may be under weight or ill all the time dont assume that they want to be this way or that they are making  themselves ill to be thin, maybe ask or dont assume that you know. Knowlege is powerful.

I’m also the administrator of the Facebook Page, mentioned in the above. If you do not suffer but would like to join please add yourself you will be more than welcome. Thank you for reading my blog and please   feel free to follow my blog.

Thanks again

Tonia Giles