November 3 2015

This is a letter that my mother wrote to a radio station that was running a contest to win an all inclusive payed trip to a vacation destination to a deserving person. I was totally unaware of my mother doing this until she handed me the letter and told me what she had done this is what she wrote. I was shocked and had no Idea that I was her inspiration. Children are the ones who are to look up to their parents, so this was amazing to read. I thought I would share this with you all.

Thanks mom I love you to infinity and beyond you have always been my rock!



This pay it forward letter is in regards to my daughter Tonia Giles. Tonia has been an inspiration to me since the day she was born. At a few days old she was fighting for her life from major surgery at Sick Kids Hospital. She continued to fight for the first 3 months of her life, with many complications due to her surgery with out leaving the hospital. Tubes and wires covering her tiny little 3 pound body. I brought her home at 3 months old weighing 7 pounds. Since then she was back and forth from sick kids having multiple surgery’s.  

It wasn’t until 2007 that doctors at St. Michaels Hospital diagnosed her with a very rare disorder, that she has, called Cyclic Vomiting syndrome. She has a facebook group page with over 1000 members she made 5 years ago when she felt alone and needed to reach out to 

someone. These people in the group are suffering with the disorder or have children who suffer. Tonia runs this page and offers support to others who no longer need to feel alone, She is an inspiration to many in the group.

On Dec 06, 2012 Tonia had the amazing experience of her life, a plastic surgeon doctor operated on Tonias scar that ran from her chest bone to her pelvic bone, which was very deformed due to many surgeries. The OHIP covered this after the doctor pleading her case.  

When Tonia and I took the bandages off on Dec-09/2012 Tonia could not contain her emotions.

Tonia is 40 years old and she cried and thanked the Doctor and God. She could not believe her eyes. It looked amazing even under the stitches. She said it was the best Christmas gift she could have gotten and asked me how she could re pay the Doctor. 

Tonia has always helped others less fortunate than her self and in 40 years she has never said Why me? she always says why not me. She is the most positive person we all have ever known. Even though her wishes were to have a great marriage and children she has been unable to have children due to surgery. Only 4 days after her surgery she asked me to take her to get things to send down to South Africa to a school, that her friends are going to help and spread joy to the small children of Africa. She so deserves the amazing gift you are offering. Please consider her as a person who gives and is a inspiration to others. 

I hope you choose my Daughter who inspires me to be a better person and everyone who knows her. 

Thank you, Her Mother Karen It is now 2015 and we are well over 2,360 people in the group and growing.



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