To Get the FLUE SHOT or Not!


 This past Thanksgiving I came down with the flue bug and it wasn’t even the flue season.The Flue shot had not even come out yet. I was extremely ill. I was vomiting and had a high fever. If I wasn’t throwing up I was sleeping. This went on for two days. Unable to eat or drink anything. It really sucked as I was unable to enjoy a dinner until after that, someone brought home for me. A week later I was at my doctors office and I asked him if he had the flue shot and he stated he did and due to already getting the flue I chose to get the needle.

There is a huge debate that if you get the flue shot that it can cause you to be ill after. SO I asked my doctor. He stated that in most cases it just the symptoms of the flue shot and if you do get sick that your body was already in the process of having the bug.  

I received the needle last Thursday and since then, my dad was in town for a few days passing threw on his way to Florida, I see him every six months so I wasn’t about to tell him to not come due to having a cold. I had also been around others that weekend that had been sick with colds.  

This past week I had a couple days that my stomach had been feeling off out of no where I would have to run to the washroom and I generally just felt run down and off. Last evening I began having a very soar throat and this am I woke very early to a soar throat that has gotten worse and a very dry cough that causes me to gag. Not fun. 

So my question is to everyone, Do we actually get sick from the flue shot or is it that our body is already ill before getting the shot. As well you are contagious and ill a couple days before you actually get your symptoms from the cold and flue.  

This debate has always caused great conversations.  

Do you get the flue needle or do you opt out due to getting ill? Hit me up in the comments I would love to hear from you all.

I hope all stay healthy over the next Holiday Seasons.




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