I may ruffle some feathers with this post. I like to talk about current news and things that everyone is talking about and Ive noticed that a lot people are speaking about the fact that STARBUCKS has not put any CHRISTMAS themed things on the cups. They usually have a red cup with Christmas themed pictures on it but this year they put out a red cup with their logo on it. It starts out red and goes ombre down to a light burgundy.  

 I also know that people get upset when People decorate or put up their trees before our Remembrance day which is November 11, in Canada. So I personally am not sure which we should be upset that they didn’t put anything on the cups or the fact that they put nothing on the cups and released a nice cup before November 11 and made them nicer than the white that they have year round.

I did enjoy seeing what the new themed cups would be every Christmas Season, but its nice that they did it plain and nice. They still have Christmas decorations up around the Cafe’s, So it’s not that Starbucks is against Christmas. I personally think they just did something different this year.

 I have included the video that all the talk is about.   

I hope I didn’t ruffle too may feathers. With this blog today.  

Just enjoy the Season and a cup of JOE or TEA or a LATTE Which ever you enjoy.

May everyone have a great Season, With Thanksgiving coming up for The USA and Christmas coming up. What ever you celebrate may you spend time with Family and friends and may you have safe travels along the way.  




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