Dirty Dancing Live Production
Seve years ago I went to see the the live production of The movie Dirty Dancing, the show was amazing and it was so good that I seen it three times, in the same running in Toronto Ontario Canada at the Famous Ed Mirvish Theater. The production and props were amazing. The people who played our beloved characters Johnny Castle and Baby Houseman were true to the original movie actors. Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey.  

I was so excited when I heard that Dirty Dancing was returning to the stage again. Mom and I went online and grabbed our tickets as the show was only going to be At the Ed Mirvish Theater for five days. The day had come and we were both excited.  


This is my review of the show:

The beginning began the same way the movie started, but we noticed that they would start to say things which was not the same, which was fine as this was a theatre play. The props and back grounds fell short of the previous shows. There was a lot of screens being used as back drops with pictures on them. In the previous shows they actually had buildings and doors they actually knocked on. They used more of the real thing and not pictures on a screen. This was disappointing. At one point they were to be driving in the movie and they just stood there and he moved his hands as if he was driving. In the previous show they came out in a car and it was true to life. When they had to be in the water doing the famous scene of lifting up Baby it was just a screen that you could still see the bottom parts of their body in this show. In the previous shows they were in front of the screen but it was more true to life. The person who was also playing Johnny actually did not even look like him. His voice somewhat sounded like him depending on what he was saying. The person who played Baby looked similar and sounded like her which was good.  

Im not saying I didn’t enjoy the show it was good but as it went on they had added other scenes to the show that was not even in the movie. Don’t get me wrong I do understand that the theatre play was not the movie but I believe when you do a show you should stick to what the movie was that’s what make it the classic we all knew. Most people know the movie word for word and when they start to change the dialogue it changes how you look at the play. Your constantly saying to yourself well that’s not in the movie. Which I think, took away from the show.

The actors were good and the music was great as Dirty Dancing is what it was.

I feel the show fell flat to the Original Show that was on stage before.

It’s a shame because we were looking so forward to seeing it.

I believe that once they do a show like this they need to not do another remake, especially when the first one was extraordinary and when you see it the first time and then see it twice after and take others because its so good.

I truly wish I could have gave it a better review as I was hoping to enjoy it as much as I did before. Like I wrote before the actors were good and did the best they could with what they had to work with.

If they bring it back to stage again Im sure I will go back and see it again. Hoping for another great show like the first time. All in all it was a great night with my mom. My rating of this show was a 4/10, I truly wish I could have rated it more but I cant.

If they do another remake I will still go. The movie was a classic.  






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