BLOGMAS 2015 and My first one About TRADITIONS 

Welcome to Blogmas 2015

If your wondering what this is, its when I will blog Every day from December the first until Christmas Eve I will accompany with one Christmas related post, giving you gift ideas, tips, recipes, etc. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy Coming up with posts and writing them.  

This may not be very easy But I will do my best to give you all something interesting to read everyday.  

Happy reading 

I will start my first Blogma today


What are your traditions around Christmas and the Holiday Season?

Every year I put my Christmas tree up with my two nieces. I have been doing this since they were young. They are now 22 and 17. We do it when the Santa Clause Parade is on in Toronto and if we cant do it due to being busy I will tape it and we watch it while we put up the tree. Some years we bake as well. We have a hot drink and have some great laughs and make memories that I hope they cherish as much as I do. I also get them an ornament that they can put on my tree so that when they get married they will get the ornaments to put on their tree.  


  I hope that even after they are married that they will still come and keep our memories and traditions going. I also did this my my grandmother, so having this tradition with these two has been something that we look forward to every year.  

We also go to my brothers every Christmas Eve, and then we go to my brothers in the morning to watch them open their gifts. And then we go back for dinner and spend quality time with loved ones.

So what are your traditions? Do you have anything that is unique to your family.  

Happy Holidays to Everyone.  

Tonia  #newbloger


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