DO YOU BELIVE IN SANTA Day Two of Blogmas 2015


Do  you belive in Santa? Do you still have your Christmas spirit? 


I love the Chritmas season, I love the joy it brings the children and how their eyes light up when they see Santa in the stores or on the parade routes that go threw the cities. I think Santa brings out the child in us all. Believing  in the mirical of him. 

I do not like the Commercial aspect that the stores have made, that we must spend lots of money for Santa, but I love the magic of Santa. 

Do you call him Santa, Chris Kringle or is he still Father Christmas?

Santa has evolved over the years. His looks have been pretty much the same its just that his coats have changed. 

I hope that what ever you belive this holiday season that you take a a moment and watch the eyes of a child when they see Santa, its a magial moment. The twinkle in their eyes is like the twinkle in Santas eyes. 

Here are some classic pictures of Santa. 


May you all find JOY AND HAPPINESS This Season! 





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