How do you de stress? Do you meditate, take a walk, a long bubble bath, do you find yourself just drifting off threw out the day. With everyday busyness are you finding you have lost the ability to stop and smell the roses. Are you at least able to get away on vacation once a year for a week or two, to rejuvenate the mind body and soul.

I find most people don’t have time to relax but I think we all need to take even a few minutes a day to just BE.

How do we do that you ask.

When we are running around, heading to work, appointments and being busy, sometimes we arrive to appointments a few minutes early, instead of running in to sit in the waiting room or office. Sit in you vehicle turn off the radio, silence your phone. Take a few deep breaths and close the mind. Even doing this a couple of times a day can be so helpful to the mind, body and soul.

All you need to do is a little calming of the mind each day and you will begin to see a huge difference in your every day life.


Tonia Aldworth

Spiritual Sunday

Most people only understand the physical aspect of yoga, which entails stretching and stances to limber up the body and improve posture. … Although yoga is not a religion, this ancient practice can have an affect on a person in a spiritual sense because of the seven spiritual laws that yoga students are taught to follow Namaste. Have a Great Sunday Everyone.

Tonia Aldworth


My Yoga Journey So Far


Deciding to become a yoga teacher, and now taking the classes. When I decided to become a yoga teacher and to take the 200 hour certification class, I never realized how much I would get out of it. I never realized how much I would love it and how much, it would help me in my every day life. Being able to focus on myself and not feeling guilty about that has been a real awakening for me.

I have always been in a career that was helping others, looking after others in their time of need. Never really understanding how it was draining me from my energy and being my authentic self. Being so busy that I was unable to stop and see that I was slowly loosing myself.

Learning to take time and meditate and to be more self aware has been a real blessing.

This opportunity came into my life at the right moment, a moment in time that allowed me to step away from what I was doing and take the time to go back to school and really dive into something that I’m loving and excited to start my new journey on.

When I’m finished my certification, I will still be able to help others, but it will be in a way that I’m also able to thrive and learn from and to do something that I’m not having to be so busy that I cant continue my own growth and journey.

Learning to calm the mind and to center myself, has really opened my eyes to something wonderful.

I have learned that you are never to old to learn and do something knew. I’m 47 this year and I recently got married, a started a new chapter and journey. Im beginning to write a whole new story to add to my continuing story.

I look forward to sharing my journey and story with you all. Please check back and maybe we can touch base along the way. I will also be posting things to my blog along the way. As well you may check out my Facebook page where I will be posting lots of motivational quotes and stories along way as well. Check it out and if you like what you see click like and follow my page.

Tonia Aldworth



Stay Calm Yoga

To all my followers, I have taken on a new adventure. I being able to do what I love. Its going to be amazing. Please hope on over and check out my new Health and Wellness Journey. I may be reached over on Facebook to Follow and join my page.


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by the ocean

Just a girl and her dog. Thinking about what lies ahead in her new life adventure. I have taken on a HUGE LIFE CHANGE. I have stepped away from work to become a Yoga Teacher that teaches new and up and coming instructors and have been enrolled and enjoying my schooling for the past month, I will finish in July of this year. While enjoying quality time with my husband and family. I have been able to concentrate on myself and what lies ahead. I would love to thank my hubby for encouraging and supporting me in this new endeavour.

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Welcome To Our Journey,

Tonia is married to a wonderful man who supports her journey of yoga and is always encouraging her to always follow her dreams. Tonia and her husband live in Ontario Canada.

Tonia is a dog mom to a cute little pup names Ava, who’s is the light of her life.

Tonia has traveled to many Caribbean Islands, across Canada and the United States. It is where she loves rejuvenating her mind, body, and soul. It is where she has done some of her best meditation, and where she finds her authentic self.

Tonia took up SUP (stand up paddle) Boarding in the last few years. This is where you will find her most mornings in the warmer weather, paddling along the shores of the lake listening to the loons in the morning and paddling into the sunset in the evenings. Tonia is hoping to take the love of YOGA and SUP boarding and combining the two.

Tonia has always loved to do yoga and is always trying to find time through out the day to meditate, or go onto the mat and do some poses, or to stop and journal some thoughts.

Being given the opportunity to follow her dreams, she has stepped away from her career to do what she loves to do and decided to become a yoga teacher.

When you love what you do, you will never work again, you will always do what you are passionate about.

Tonia is looking forward to hearing from you and hopes you will join her on this beautiful journey.


Tonia Aldworth