How do you de stress? Do you meditate, take a walk, a long bubble bath, do you find yourself just drifting off threw out the day. With everyday busyness are you finding you have lost the ability to stop and smell the roses. Are you at least able to get away on vacation once a year for a week or two, to rejuvenate the mind body and soul.

I find most people don’t have time to relax but I think we all need to take even a few minutes a day to just BE.

How do we do that you ask.

When we are running around, heading to work, appointments and being busy, sometimes we arrive to appointments a few minutes early, instead of running in to sit in the waiting room or office. Sit in you vehicle turn off the radio, silence your phone. Take a few deep breaths and close the mind. Even doing this a couple of times a day can be so helpful to the mind, body and soul.

All you need to do is a little calming of the mind each day and you will begin to see a huge difference in your every day life.


Tonia Aldworth

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