Stay Calm Yoga




It was a proud day for me this week as I graduated from the 200 hr yoga teacher training. I have been wanting to do this for many years. I have finally accomplished this goal. What I didn’t realize is, that in doing so I have learned more about myself than I thought I ever would. This was an amazing thing, teaching from my heart and authentic self is the only way to teach. I hope that in doing this that the people who enter into my classes or retreats are able to get more out of what they came in thinking they would. Whether it be feeling more relaxed or if they are a coming for the first time that they would love to continue on a yoga journey. I also want others to leave knowing that Yoga doesn’t just happen on the mat. Its an every day intention.

You don’t have to be extremely flexible to do yoga or be in the best shape. Yoga is for everyone. Yoga does not discriminate, in fact everyone is already doing yoga on a regular basis and threw my teaching I hope everyone will be more aware of this. This is my intention whether you are coming to my classes, workshops or retreats.


To follow me on my journey or to learn along the way yourself. I will be posting here as well I have Facebook page, instagram, feel free to add me or follow along.