Yoga Doesn’t End On The Mat~How Do You Feel When You Miss Your Yoga Practice



What do YOU do when your not feeling the best, when the day and time gets away with you? How do you handle it? Do you still do Asana (poses) do you try to fit in some quiet time and meditate before the day ends?

Every one goes threw some time where they don’t feel like doing their Yoga practice, we beat ourselves up over it, we feel guilty.

I’m here to tell you that ITS OK. We are not perfect, time does get away from us, life does get busy.

I know that yoga doesn’t stop on the mat, we are always doing yoga threw out the day. So when time gets away with me I don’t feel bad that I may have missed my yoga practice. Here are some other things that we can do to feel like we have not missed our yoga practice.

  1. Just Breathe (taking deep breath’s)
  2. Reading
  3. Sitting quietly
  4. Coloring
  5. Listening to calming music (Zen music)
  6. Playing music
  7. Taking a walk in nature
  8. Un plugging and taking a vacation
  9. Walking along the beach, listening to the waves crashing along the sand
  10. Sitting quietly cross legged and meditate

Always remember Yoga Doesn’t End on the Mat. Yoga shows up threw out the day. So don’t feel bad if you missed your Yoga Practice.

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