The Most Asked Questions I get About Yoga


The Moment You Fell In Love With Yoga?

I have always loved doing yoga, but when I fell in love with yoga is when I truly connected with myself during a yoga class. That’s when I decided to become a teacher to help others, connect with themselves and to help them enjoy yoga as well and to help them reach their full potential on their life’s journey.

Why Are You Passionate About Yoga?

Yoga has brought me so much peace, serenity and strength. Showing me that you have to do what makes your heart full and I believe that if you love what you do for work you will never work again. You will work for what you love.

What Will Your Students Take Away From Your Yoga Classes?

I hope my students will become relaxed, feel stronger and  I hope that they find their own awakening to their spirit and body.  Finding a calmness in day.

Who Is Your Biggest Inspiration?

My biggest inspiration is my family and friends. They shape our lives and make us feel connected to another person. At the end of the day isn’t that what we all want, is to feel a connection with others. To know that we have impacted others threw out the day.

What Is Your Favorite Class To Teach?

I like to teach in smaller groups, so that we can connect. I enjoy teaching spiritual and gentle flow yoga.

What Is Your Favorite Asana? (Pose)

What a great question there are so many to choose from. I love Seated Spinal Twist             ( Marichyasana). It opens the heart and strengthens your hips and spine, it helps with digestive issues and lower back aches. This pose can be done on the mat or the chair, its great for all level of mobility. As well I love dancer pose, as it was difficult for me at first but with patience and persistence I was able to achieve it.



Seated Spinal Twist


Dancer Pose

If You Could Say Anything To Or Offer Advice To Anyone New Or Thinking About Starting Yoga, What Would That Be?

The first thing I would want everyone to know is that Yoga is for everyone. The most misconception is that you have to be flexible, I get this all the time. You do not have to be flexible to be able to do yoga. We also offer CHAIR YOGA for those that are not able to do mat yoga. Yoga doesn’t end on the mat. Yoga is in your everyday life. Walking, reading, painting, taking a few moments a day to just relax. Is yoga.

Stay Calm and Breathe~ It looks Good On You!

Have a Great Day





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