The Last Full Moon of The Decade


ON 12:12

AT 12:12

The last full moon of the decade, there is a ten day energy portal. Expect Closing, Detoxing,  De- cluttering, Apologies and Forgiveness, Ending Cycles and Resolving Conflict, Releasing the Past, Renewed Hope, Rewards and Blessings

For the next 10 days there is going to be a huge shift, will you be ready? Will you be ready for the next decade to start? What are your intentions, goals and plans for this new decade? How will you attack, the next stage in your journey. Are you excited to enter this new faze?

Take some time over the next ten days and be more aware of whats happening, notice how other peoples energies are affecting you. Notice if your energy is changing.

Take some time to meditate over the next ten days. Go a little deeper in your practices over the next little while. See if it makes any difference in your own energy.

Full Moon Mantra

I Release the need for those things in my life that are not serving my purpose or higher self. I’m not afraid to let go. In their place, I receive love, joy and abundance.

Stay Calm and Breathe~ It Looks Good On You

Tonia Aldworth

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Stay Calm Yoga


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