What Was Normal Before Covid-19


We have all been in our homes staying safe for at least a month now, some longer than others and we have been advised to continue doing this for another month. Parents are now being teachers to the children, dads are staying home who normally would be out working all day. Moms and dads are trying to think of ways to keep the kids active and busy without hanging out with there friends. Some mothers are going to work longer hours in essential jobs, terrified that they may bring this horrible disease home to their families. Nurses and doctors are staying away from their families to avoid bringing it home to their loved ones. What is normal? I hear a lot of people saying they can’t wait to get back to normal. What we thought WAS normal obviously wasn’t working. I believe we need to make major changes. Here are some of the changes that I know we will be making.

1. Being more cautious about how we greet others.

2. Shopping local supporting smaller businesses.

3. Doing bigger shopping lists to limit how many times we have to go to the stores.

4. Being more grateful for the little things in life.

5. Telling people how we feel about them more, picking up the phone to hear them instead of always texting.

6. We have used reusable bags for some time, but I will be continuing to use these and discontinue using the little plastic vegetable clear bag, I have picked up mesh bags to use going forward and washing them after. Too many people touch the plastic ones and they are not good for the environment anyways.

With families hanging out together more and eating dinner together more than they did before, I hope that this new way of life for families, strengthens the family bond. Maybe people will be more thankful and appreciate others more, treat others as they wish to be treated.

I truly hope that we can all learn to be grateful for everything that we do have, family, friends, children, love, jobs, being thankful for the ones who have helped us get threw this ~ the essential workers. Truck drivers, grocery store workers, doctors, nurses, hydro workers, delivery truck drivers. If I missed any essential workers it was not my intention, you are all important.

I know myself, I plan to be more kind to the essential workers, to always be thankful for all that I have. I plan to reach out to others by calling them more.

I plan to also find a way to reach out to others, to be able to help others threw my yoga teachings and meditation retreats to allow people to find the inner peace that they deserve.

I hope everyone is finding peace and love threw these trying times.

Stay Calm And Breathe~ It Looks Good On You. Tonia Aldworth


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