New Beginnings. Our New Normal

When everyone is rushing to get back to normal, what will be your new normal?

As spring is upon us now with the trees blooming and perennials are coming up all over the gardens. Our new normal may be like that.

It’s a beginning to re write what our personal normal will be. What is best for ourselves, what new types of habits, that you developed over this pandemic will you continue to use moving forward in this new normal for you.

It’s a time to figure out how you will enter back into society.

I know for myself and my husband we will continue to social distance until we know it’s safe.

As a yoga teacher it’s been a struggle to understand the new ways to continue teaching. I will be defiantly social distance and will do my classes in a very safe and positive manor for my classes and myself.

Will it look different and be different? Of course it will, it has to be as we move forward. I have Always believed that yoga doesn’t end on the mat so I will be sharing more of that and I hope that helps others to understand what yoga is and how they can use this in there every day life.

So like the flowers and trees blooming in spring. We will go back out into the world and start off small and grow into a beautiful new way of living.

New Life

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Tonia Aldworth