2020 has been a trying time for a lot of people. With the Covid-19 Virus and people not being able to work or visit family and friends. Students being taught from home virtually, businesses struggling and some even closing there doors for good.  There is so many issues and struggles to even mention. Now is a time to really take the time to help yourself threw these times of trouble. Below I have posted 5 Asana Poses (yoga poses) to help you relax. Always remember to breathe slowly while doing these. It calms your heart and relaxes your body.

Meditation and mindfulness are often hailed as the keys to stress-free living. But what exactly do these practices look like in regards to self care?

Meditation is simply getting in touch with one’s self. Creating space and time to sit and focus on your breath is scientifically proven to deactivate the stress response and calm the nervous system. Studies have shown that meditation can ease anxiety and depression and increase resilience against stress.

Taking a few deep breaths, unclenching your jaw, and allowing your shoulders to fall away from your ears can halt daily stressors and undo the snowball effect of anxiety. Also taking time to tune into your surroundings to live more mindfully can help you live in the moment and release worry about the future.

To practice mindfulness, all you have to do is focus on what you are doing in that moment: washing the dishes, driving, walking, interacting with others, even breathing. Giving each task your full attention allows you to be present, keeping anxious thoughts at bay,”

In turn, we can stop the persistent cycle of rushing and allow ourselves to focus on the present moment. From there, we can better direct our energy and attention to the task at hand.

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Some of the Asana Poses that help with Anxiety and stress are:

Seated Spinal Twist/ Marichyasana ~ Constipation, Digestive problems, Asthma, Fatigue, Lower back pain,Sciatica, Menstrual discomfort


Happy Baby/ Ananda Balasana~ Releases the low back, lengthens and realigns the spine, strengthens the legs and opens the hips


Child’s Pose/ Balasana~ Relaxes the spine and abdomen. Stretches the lower back and ankles. Helps with digestion and elimination


Legs Up In The Air/ Candle Pose/ Viparita Karani~ Reversed perspective, relaxing for the heart because gravity pulls blood back instead of heart having to work hard to do it.


Easy Pose/ Sukhasana~ Calms the brain, strengthens the back, stretches the knees and ankles

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These are just a few helpful and Easy poses that will help with stress and anxiety.

If you take some time each day to try some or all of these poses it can benefit in all areas of your life.

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