Shaman Stones ~ Healing Stones ~ Moqui Marbles

These Rocks Often Come In Pairs~ They Represent a Record of How Water Moved Rock Millions Of Years Ago, Its a Lovely metaphor for Marriage and True Partnership ~ Together You Can Move Mountains

When my husband and I Got married a dear friend of mine gave us these Rocks for a gift, I absolutely Love them. They are the Brown Balls ~ Moqui Marbles

Shaman stones are high energy stones and are powerful allies to have for personal path workings and for healing. In personal matters the stones can connect the shaman with earth energies. They are powerful in grounding and energies.

Moqui Marbles come from the Indians and means faithful favorite. They are also called Shamans stones because they were used by the Shamans as healing stones and still are. …Moqui balls are a together a couple, one is a male, the other female

The moqui marbles are no more than 25 million years old — a sharp contrast to the 190-million-year-old Navajo Sandstone.

The stones are powerful protectors, they can absorb negative energy and transform it in to positive useful energy. If one stone is placed at the crown and another is placed on the soles of the feet, the shaman stones can purify and normalize the flow of chakra energies in the one being treated. The stones seem to have a positive effect on any area they are placed over. You can use the stones on your third eye to activate clairvoyance, and distant events visions, both past and future.

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Tonia Aldworth

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