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A little bit about the lady behind the designs. I’ve always had a flare for Style, Design and Great Jewelry and Fashion. I hope to design pieces that are natural with a flare for elegance but cost Effective for all the beautiful people in your life or yourself. I will also be looking to design beautiful pieces for your wedding day for all your special ladies and a beautiful piece for just you.

I Have traveled to many Caribbean Islands, across Canada and the United States. It is where I love rejuvenating my mind, body, and soul. It is where I have done some of my best meditation, and where I find my authentic self. This is where I get my inspiration for the custom pieces.

I am also a Certified Yoga Teacher and Instructor And a Published Author. Links will be at the bottom of the page.

The Designer and Owner is Tonia Aldworth

You may find my Stay Calm Jewelry Line at ~

Made By Me
Made By Me

My Book Was Published

Keep track of your Yoga Journey. This book contains areas on each page where you can write your own inspirational quotes, Set goals for the day or record your favorite quotes and sayings, that you came across that you liked on your journey. In the diary section of the page, you can keep a log of your yoga journey, or even your life journey. In the yoga poses section. The Yoga Journey book has many uses and is a must for any yoga practitioners of all levels the size is 6 x 9 inches.

Here is the link on Amazon.

I hope you enjoy your new book.

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