How To Live and Retire At a Young Age

My husband an I started out on a semi retirement journey two years ago. My husband sold his business, and his home. I quit my full time job, but before I did that, I became a certified yoga teacher taking classes with a teacher in the evening. We where living a face paced lifestyle and we knew this is not what we wanted for the second part of our life. We wanted to be able to enjoy life as well as bringing in an income.

Once he sold the house we decided to upgrade the 29 foot trailer that we already had to a 42 foot mobile home. As this was going to be our permanent residency for six months. Our goal was to buy a home in Florida, to be able to live there for six months while it was winter in Canada.

We had a goal in mind and we had a set date to head to Florida to look for our winter home A year ago. We borrowed my dads Florida home while they were still in Canada, as we left the end of September and most snow birds don’t head down until October and November. We packed up our car and our dog with what all we thought we would need to stay for six months. If we by chance had been able to buy. We knew some of the ways about buying as we knew others who had purchased homes in Florida and we also had a back up plan if we did not find anything, that we had a suite booked in Myrtle Beach South Carolina for the rest of that winter.

We had been looking online for a few months and we knew what we wanted to spend. Cost of buying the place and lot rent in a 55 plus community was our choice. We also knew ahead of time that we would have loved to be on the ocean but we knew financially we would most likely would be looking inland.

When we arrived in Florida after driving straight threw we began to make arrangements to see homes that we liked in our areas. When we drove up to the place we ended up buying we both looked at each other and said we would never live this far out or this area. It was fields of animals and we thought we were back home in the country. What we seen was what I was looking for. inside was needing work but the outside and the community was really nice and well kept and had all the amenities that we we looking for, other than the beach.

We went back to my dads place and looked around at other places. We then decided to go back and take another look. this time we looked past the famers fields. We noticed that the place was not even five minutes away from a grocery store and a few minutes away from all amenities. It was a town that was not as busy as Tampa, Orlando Or Clearwater. We liked that as in Canada we are also in a very small town.

From the time we looked at the home to purchasing and getting the keys was a total of 4 days, yes your read that right. 4 days. the one thing was to our advantage was that it was already empty. We had to furnish this as well and that was another thing we needed to take in to account. We had a full 8×10 storage unit back in Canada, so do we rent a truck and bring it all down her or do we buy from Florida. What we found out was that here in Florida you can buy very good used furniture for reasonably cheap. Which is what we did. We decided to buy two new beds as buying used was not for us. It was cheaper for us to buy a full two bedroom and Florida room than it was for us to rent a truck and bring our stuff down from Canada. This was one of the ways we saved a lot of money.

Your probably asking, well how do you live cheap? I’m under 50 years old and my husband is just under 55. We are very grateful that they let us into a 55 plus community. Most all parks have an 80/20 rule. 80 % has to be over 55 and 20% can be under.

Some people may think that we sit around and drink by the pool here in Florida. What we actually do is live on our lap tops and we make time to go to the pool when its nice. We publish books and coming up with content for these books takes hours depending on what we are making. We also spend time working on our websites, I’m busy making new jewelry and coming up with new jewelry designs. I also work on up coming workshops and yoga retreats for yoga and in these trying times how can we keep everyone safe. As well as keeping our followers and customers happy by working the social media and advertising our businesses and products. This does not happen quickly.

We love what we do, its a labor of love. Yes we get to live in the sunny south for 6 months but we are not sitting back doing nothing everyday.

How do I Make An Income?

I do yoga online ~

I have a Jewelry Line that I sell on Etsy

When I’m back home I also work at a small store to keep me busy and it helps to put away some funds for the winter.

Published Author/ I’m also in the mist of writing the first book of a murder mystery novel series. I hope to have the writing part done soon. It is a lot slower process than I thought it would be.

What does my Husband Do?

Is a Financial adviser for businesses all around the world.

My Husband has made 135 different types of books under Sand T Publishing.

These books include:

Financial these are available for e readers and paper back

Log books example diving, travel, fishing, to name a couple

Coloring books

We also shop where prices are great, we have been lucky to find the best deals around town. Down here in Florida they have a lot of buy one get one deals, or buy 4/5 for 5 dollars or ten dollars. We find that by doing this we are able to not only stock up but we are able to save money.

Purchased This Moring Nov,22,2020

For example today we went shopping and we bought a lot of stuff for only $72.00 when they rang up the total we had saved $35.00. This is a huge way to save. All of this below was $72.00 4 cases of pop for $11.00, 2 jugs of milk, two 12 packages of toilet paper these where BOGO, 2 huge packages of chicken legs they where BOGO, cans of vegetables BOGO. all of this back in Canada would have been over $100.00.

If you think you are too young to semi retired or fully retire. Anything is possible if you put your mind to it. We are not on this earth forever, we are only here for a short time. If you have dreams of retiring early and your not sure how to do this and would love to, please click the link above in my husbands information and he can guide you along the way or clink on the amazon link he has produce some amazing books on great financial advice.

I hope you enjoyed my blog today, I also would like to point out that there are some hurdles along the way as well, but most of the journey has been easy.

Stay Calm and Breathe