We Stand Beside You Newsletter

December, 2020

Wow What a Year 2020 Has been. I can not believe that we are finally at the end of this year. It is definitely not over yet. I feel I’m just getting started. How can that be! Let me tell you why. I have so many ideas running around in my head, for how we can all communicate and keep everyone feeling connected. We are all connected by CVS already but I asked myself how can we use our Facebook groups and technology. I came up with the idea of doing Zoom Gatherings. I have spoke to Mike Buhler who is a huge supporter of the group, as well other CVS groups on Facebook and we will be going live once or twice a month to discuss the topics that you are already discussing in the group but this is a way for us to have open talks, speak to others who have had the illness maybe longer than yourself. Are you a parent that has lots of questions? Are you recently diagnosed and you’re not sure what will happen next? These questions can be asked in an open forum like a Zoom Gathering. If you’re not tech savvy that is ok. You can join in using your phone. All you need is to sign up for a zoom account. THIS IS NO COST TO YOU. I will be hosting the zoom and I can have up to 100 participants. You will need to register for these but that is so that we can keep the zoom gathering to who has asked to be in the gathering. We will do our best to accommodate for all time zones as we have people from all over the world. (this is why we will do 2 gathering’s a month) 

What an amazing opportunity it will be to be able to reach out and meet and talk to others in person face to face. ~ as well if you are worried or do not like to be on camera you do not have to turn on your video, we will still be able to hear you and you will be able to participate.

I WILL NEED YOUR EMAIL ADDRESSES SO THAT I CAN SEND YOU THE LINK AND YOU CAN REGISTER. Please put the email addresses in the comments or Private Message myself.

I hope to see as many of you as we can. 

I am also ending 2020 with an amazing book that I have published for all of you. This book is a place for you to be able to keep track of SYMPTOMS, WEIGHT, MOODS, MEDICATION, FOOD INTAKE, LIQUID INTAKE, YOU CAN JOURNAL, WRITE NOTES AND COMMENTS AND KEEP TRACK OF YOUR PAIN LEVELS AS WELL.  This book will also be beneficial to you doctors and caregivers. This is something we have all been told to do. Now it’s all in one book. 

This book is available on Amazon. Depending where you are it will direct you to your amazon web page. 

My goal is to get this book into as many hands as I can. As I feel this book is needed by our community of people.

I have also decided to to a monthly Newsletter as the heading says I will be calling it We Stand Beside You 

I was trying to think of a name for the Newsletter and then it hit me, when I made my blog years ago I named it We Stand Beside You, I started that blog when I started the Facebook Group. The light bulb went off. That is a perfect name for the newsletter. 

This Newsletter will come out once a month to anyone who provides me with their email. Private message me or add to the comments.

What Will be in the Newsletter

We will choose a popular MQOTD from that month.

Tips on how to cope with Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome and it’s symptoms.

How can we become more calm as STRESS is a number one trigger for people. I’m a Certified Yoga Teacher so I will be able to add to this section to help you.

We will talk about how to explain this too others. 

I will also have open questions or polls on facebook groups to add to the newsletter as well.

I will also open the floor to others to suggest topics as well.

Anything that has to do with Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome and how it affects us all on a daily basis.

How do we keep well when we are feeling good?

I’m excited to end this year with a positive note and begin 2021 on a better note than last year.

I wish you all well and I hope you all have a Safe and Happy Holiday Season. I know it is a hard time for many this time of year, but I will leave you with this. 

Our Greatest Weakness lies in giving up ~ Thomas Alva Ediso ~ Never give up.

I wrote this a couple of days ago. 

Staying Positive Every day does not mean you have to be happy all the time. Being positive lets you see another side and that being unhappy doesn’t last forever. The sun will always shine again and clouds and rain do not last forever.

Tonia Aldworth.Administrator of One of the Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome Facebooks Groups

Author, Writer, Yoga Teacher, Owner of Stay Calm Yoga


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