To Get the FLUE SHOT or Not!


 This past Thanksgiving I came down with the flue bug and it wasn’t even the flue season.The Flue shot had not even come out yet. I was extremely ill. I was vomiting and had a high fever. If I wasn’t throwing up I was sleeping. This went on for two days. Unable to eat or drink anything. It really sucked as I was unable to enjoy a dinner until after that, someone brought home for me. A week later I was at my doctors office and I asked him if he had the flue shot and he stated he did and due to already getting the flue I chose to get the needle.

There is a huge debate that if you get the flue shot that it can cause you to be ill after. SO I asked my doctor. He stated that in most cases it just the symptoms of the flue shot and if you do get sick that your body was already in the process of having the bug.  

I received the needle last Thursday and since then, my dad was in town for a few days passing threw on his way to Florida, I see him every six months so I wasn’t about to tell him to not come due to having a cold. I had also been around others that weekend that had been sick with colds.  

This past week I had a couple days that my stomach had been feeling off out of no where I would have to run to the washroom and I generally just felt run down and off. Last evening I began having a very soar throat and this am I woke very early to a soar throat that has gotten worse and a very dry cough that causes me to gag. Not fun. 

So my question is to everyone, Do we actually get sick from the flue shot or is it that our body is already ill before getting the shot. As well you are contagious and ill a couple days before you actually get your symptoms from the cold and flue.  

This debate has always caused great conversations.  

Do you get the flue needle or do you opt out due to getting ill? Hit me up in the comments I would love to hear from you all.

I hope all stay healthy over the next Holiday Seasons.





Thank you to all who read liked and sent me personal messages in regards to my blog the last couple days, yesterday there was 103 views and today there was 111 views as of now. thank you all for following and supporting me, I love you all. I will do my best to continue to blog and share my thoughts and feelings. Plese feel free to coment on the blog. And if you feel you would like to share it please  feel free. 

And again 



November 3 2015

This is a letter that my mother wrote to a radio station that was running a contest to win an all inclusive payed trip to a vacation destination to a deserving person. I was totally unaware of my mother doing this until she handed me the letter and told me what she had done this is what she wrote. I was shocked and had no Idea that I was her inspiration. Children are the ones who are to look up to their parents, so this was amazing to read. I thought I would share this with you all.

Thanks mom I love you to infinity and beyond you have always been my rock!



This pay it forward letter is in regards to my daughter Tonia Giles. Tonia has been an inspiration to me since the day she was born. At a few days old she was fighting for her life from major surgery at Sick Kids Hospital. She continued to fight for the first 3 months of her life, with many complications due to her surgery with out leaving the hospital. Tubes and wires covering her tiny little 3 pound body. I brought her home at 3 months old weighing 7 pounds. Since then she was back and forth from sick kids having multiple surgery’s.  

It wasn’t until 2007 that doctors at St. Michaels Hospital diagnosed her with a very rare disorder, that she has, called Cyclic Vomiting syndrome. She has a facebook group page with over 1000 members she made 5 years ago when she felt alone and needed to reach out to 

someone. These people in the group are suffering with the disorder or have children who suffer. Tonia runs this page and offers support to others who no longer need to feel alone, She is an inspiration to many in the group.

On Dec 06, 2012 Tonia had the amazing experience of her life, a plastic surgeon doctor operated on Tonias scar that ran from her chest bone to her pelvic bone, which was very deformed due to many surgeries. The OHIP covered this after the doctor pleading her case.  

When Tonia and I took the bandages off on Dec-09/2012 Tonia could not contain her emotions.

Tonia is 40 years old and she cried and thanked the Doctor and God. She could not believe her eyes. It looked amazing even under the stitches. She said it was the best Christmas gift she could have gotten and asked me how she could re pay the Doctor. 

Tonia has always helped others less fortunate than her self and in 40 years she has never said Why me? she always says why not me. She is the most positive person we all have ever known. Even though her wishes were to have a great marriage and children she has been unable to have children due to surgery. Only 4 days after her surgery she asked me to take her to get things to send down to South Africa to a school, that her friends are going to help and spread joy to the small children of Africa. She so deserves the amazing gift you are offering. Please consider her as a person who gives and is a inspiration to others. 

I hope you choose my Daughter who inspires me to be a better person and everyone who knows her. 

Thank you, Her Mother Karen It is now 2015 and we are well over 2,360 people in the group and growing.



Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome #cvsisarealthing

CVS is a disorder that not many people have heard of, But when you have the illness, and you belong to a group of people who have it, or look after someone who does have it, you realize its more common than not. So why is it then that doctors have not heard of it or why do they seem to think that patients that come into the ER are drug seekers. This is disorder can be very debilitating, as well a person may not look ill all the time. 

Please take a look and get to know what CVS is in the link below.

People who have this can range in age from infant to being diagnosed at an older age. People who have this feel very very alone, this illness is also an invisible illness as you can feel great one minute and then the next your feeling horrible. It can be very debilitating.

I started a Facebook group 6 years ago, as I was very ill from this disorder myself. I started it to keep my friends and family up to date with my illness and now its has 2,362 members, people who suffer or they are supporting people who suffer or they are parents of children who have CVS. Having CVS myself I cant imagine being a parent and having to watch a child go threw this.

Im still trying to figure how so many people have this illness and doctors still are unaware of this disorder and are telling the patient that they are making it up or that they are anorexia/bulimia or that they are seeking drugs. This angers me. Why would anyone want to suffer such a disorder. 

Im so glad that I started the group on Facebook it’s a great place for people to connect and not feel so alone. Whether it be the person who is suffering or a parent or loved one. Sometimes it brings tears to my eyes when I get a personal note from one of them telling me how this group have changed their lives and how they no longer feel alone.

I pray that each and every person who suffers this disorder are able to get a cure for this disorder and not just having to take medication to help with the symptoms. One may feel great and then all of a sudden get a really bad migraine or severe stomach aches or start to throw up for hours or even days at a time. Most people suffer severe migraines. Which cause vomiting as well.  

I pray for each and everyone who suffers this horrible illness.

I have included some pictures of people who have allowed me to post on the blog. The group has many more pictures of people who suffer with CVS and there are thousands more.

This Illness may not be known by the public a lot of doctors but for the ones who do have it become frustrated to have to explain why they are ill a lot of the time.

 I chose to blog about CVS to bring awarness to the public. I hope you learned something new that many suffer and when you see someone who may be under weight or ill all the time dont assume that they want to be this way or that they are making  themselves ill to be thin, maybe ask or dont assume that you know. Knowlege is powerful.

I’m also the administrator of the Facebook Page, mentioned in the above. If you do not suffer but would like to join please add yourself you will be more than welcome. Thank you for reading my blog and please   feel free to follow my blog. 

Thanks again 

Tonia Giles



My story is one that I haven’t shared with many outside family and close friends. Im hoping by sharing my story Im able to help others that struggle. I have come a long way since my last battle with illness, a time where I never seen an end to the suffering of illness.

So by telling my story Im hoping that others may see the light at the end of their story.

 I believe as most stories do, it started when I was born forty three years ago. I was born a healthy weight but within a couple of days I was unable to eat and began to be unable to eat, and I dropped to three pounds.With other underlying issues as well. At the time they were un sure of what the issue was so they sent me to Toronto Sick Kids in Toronto Ontario, which was an hour away. I was three days old when they had to do surgery to remove a mass that was in my stomach, which was causing me to be unable to hold food down. I was so ill that I was in the hospital for three months, but remember this was a time when technology was not as good as it is today. My family had to travel to see me, which back then was a huge deal. My mother would stay there with me as no mother would leave their new born baby alone in a hospital. Which Im sure caused a financial strain on the family. As well I had an brother who was 6 years older. Which Im sure was very confusing to him as he wouldn’t understand why his baby sister could not come home . 
This was the beginning to a life long struggle to stay well. I continued to have stomach issues throughout my childhood years. I began to have severe pain. It also felt like a heart tack, not that an eleven year old would know what that felt like, but I sure did, it’s the only way I knew how to explain it. After months of testing in my cities hospital, they decided to send me back to Sick Children’s Hospital. I was there a month to find out I had Gallstones and they had been baffled as they had not seen a young child with stones at that time. They let me out to eat a juicy hamburger to see if it would bring on a pain attack and it worked. I ended up having surgery the next day. To find out I had, had the stones for they say for a couple years due to the size of them. I was the youngest person to have had a gallbladder removed. Im in the books. I was eleven years old.  

I have also had exploratory surgeries to see what was causing different pain through out the years.

When I was 21 years old I then had to have a complete hysterectomy due to woman’s issues. 

I then ended up being diagnosed after a three month stay in hospital with Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome. My stomach had paralyzed and I was unable to digest food. They placed a feeding tube by passing my stomach. I had this in place for about six months. I suffered sever dehydration having to have IV fluids everyday. Working with my doctor and specialist I was able to train my stomach to start working again. It was a very long process but little by little I was able to train my stomach to receive food again.  

Now after 6 years Im able to eat well, minus a few things that don’t agree with me. Im also able to gain weight and keep it on. I still have days that are not that great, but I have more great days now than ever before.  

My saying is Do not judge me from my past, I no longer live there. I would like to thank all of the hard working Nurses, doctors and anyone who had a hand in my health care. I know it was not easy for any of you, I was a hard case to crack most of the time. May your endless days and nights of trying to figure it out be blessed with the knowing that you saved a new born baby and helped a young girl get healthy to live on to be a woman of strength and courage to continue on. Never under estimate the power of ones own strength and power of prayer and the love from family and friends.  

Thank you to 

DR. Gysler Credit Valley Hospital in Missisauga

Dr. Moore St. Micheals Hospital Toronto

Dr. Crisp  Oshawa Nurology  

Dr. Lottering my family Doctor, thank you for always making time, when your time is busy. 

This is my story,





What do your friends mean to you. Are they the sister you never had, are they the brother that you never had. Are your friends life long friends or are they new friends? Do you have many friends or do you have a small select few.

Do you you speak to your best friend every day or do you have a type of relationship that you speak threw out the week? Or do you have those friends that you live apart but when you finally see each other its like you never were apart?

I was once explained that friends can be summed up into boxes, friends have the same type of qualities so they can go into once box and then there are friends that you have that the others friends may never meet. Not all your friends need to know each other. You may have friends that you enjoy going out with and other friends you may just hang out with and have a coffee with. Some friends you see all the time as you may be closer than the other friends not that you think any less of your other friends but we gel differently with different people. Some you may get along together but you would never go away with them as they may drive you crazy for one reason or another. And the saying goes if you want to know how well you get along with your friends go away with them and see how you get along. 

Everyone needs friends as they are what we thrive and enjoy our lives with, Sometimes our siblings can be our best friends as well. And the other saying as well is you can pick your friends but you can pick your family.   

I have a few great friends, and I have many acquaintances And now with Social media we probably have many friends that we know or knew at some time in our lives but we don’t see them on a regular basis.  

I know some schools still do reunions but really is it necessary now with social media. All we have to do now is log onto Facebook and see what our old friends are up to. What they look and how many children they have. This can be a great tool to keep up wth our friends and family.

I think friends are great to have, they can make you laugh and wipe away your tears when needed, hold you accountable and maybe get into some trouble with. Fun trouble that is.  

Do you have a friend that you haven’t seen in awhile that you miss?

Do you think that men and woman can be strictly friends? I personally think they can I have many great male friends. Many that I have had for years.

They are like brothers to me and I know that at any time that I can call upon them to come to my rescue if needed. Men can be great sounding boards as well to help woman understand the men they are dating. Its all about trust and great communication.

If you have a best friend give them a call or reach out and spend some time with them. Life is too short. Your friend may need you as much as you need them! 


SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) 

This time of year starts to get people in a sadder state, its darker earlier and the sun starts to shine a little less threw out the day. People are starting to feel the effects of colds and flues. Its that time of year that the flue shots start rolling into doctors offices. A time to make sure you have anti bacteria hand sanitizer and washing your hands a hundred times a day to keep the germs away. 

Some people suffer from SAD Seasonal Affective Disorder  

Heres a link to better understand it. 
This disorder can make one tired and sad and depressed due to the lack of vitamin D, and the longer days due to nights getting dark earlier. This is the one reason why I go away to the sunny south in the winter. It gives me energy and allows me to become more alive after I return back from a trip.  

Do you suffer from SAD? If so lets talk about it.  



Being Alone Does Not Mean Your Lonely 


Being Alone does not mean your lonely.. It means you enjoy your own company. 
When one learns to not mind being alone, one will learn what true peace is. Wether you are able to putter around the home, read or when someone asks you to do something and you reply, no it’s ok I’m not doing anything today, and you mean it, because your just enjoying being alone. 

I love being around my friends and family but I also love being home alone with a good book or sitting alone blogging, with a cup of tea. Some one once said to me  that once you learn to love yourself and being alone that is when you learn who you really are. Whether you pray or meditate, that is also another way to learn who you truly are. 
My wish for everyone is that everyone learns to love themselves and love being alone. so my question for you is what makes you happy? What do you enjoy doing when your able to take some time for yourself? 
Comment below and keep the conversation going, what makes you feel complete and happy? 


As I sit here in a Starbucks in my town, I’m amazed at how many people have come and gone in the time I’ve been here. Some have stayed and enjoyed there coffee alone or with friends or family. Is it the coffee that brings people into the popular Starbucks, is it the atmosphere and the free wifi? The coffee is great the price not so much.  So I ask what brings people in. I’ve seen young people and older people, coming and going. The staff are friendly and bubbly and are more than Happy to serve you. So I ask what brings you to Starbucks is it the coffe or the name or a combiuof both? Where do you go for your cup of Joe? Comment and let me know. 


Mi Pequena Casa – My Tiny House

Some people love big homes with lots of room to rome around and entertain, and some live in tiny homes. After watching Tiny Homes on HGTV Canada I thought I would write about my home. I live in a tiny home and I love it. I live in a basement apartment, and I love my tiny place, its comfy, cozy and its a place you should feel safe. Im proud of my home and Im surrounded by the things I love that family and fineds have givine me. I have chosen to share my home with you all. I hope you enjoy. I belive that its not about how big you live, its about ho your home makes you feel.  

In the living room I use two boxes which hold my dvd’s, blankets and extra stuff that I do not use every day. I have put a tray ontop of then to make a coffee table. When I have more guests I then can use the cubes as extra seating. I also have two bucket seats to be able to have more room and more seats, allowing more comfort for my guests. Baskets are amazing for extra storage. 

In the washroom it is large enough to have a dresser for clothes, and linens. I also have a storage bin under the stairs to have more space a well. 

In the kitchen I use beautiful glass jars and canisters to store my stuff. not only is it great for storage it looks great as well and saves space. I have a beautiiful glass table that has two seats but is big enought to seat  six people around it, comfortably. And with it having a glass table it makes the space look larger. 

In my beautiful bedroom, which I call my place of serenity. I have a double bed which has beautiful linens and big beautiful pillows. I love to travel and I love that by bed makes me feel like Im on vacation all the time.  I refinished a book shelf to house my beautiful shoes and handbags. Which allows me to see them as well and get to them easily. 

Behind the curtain, I store my pots and pans and other kitchen things, as well i store my Christma things and I have a closet organizer in ther as well. to store my dresses and other clothes that I do not wear on a regular basis. 

I have made my place, a place to call home, and Im proud to share my home with you. I hope you enjoyed it. Living tiny in a big world.