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Are you feeling stressed, do you find it hard to sleep, do you enjoy listening to Zen music while meditating, doing yoga? I have always loved listening to calming music while I meditate and while I’m working in my office. I have always used other peoples Videos, So I decided to make a YouTube channel that will have videos and yoga related content.

Well it is finally here. Thank you to my husband who is a genius at doing this type of thing. We will be added more videos as time goes along.


I hope you enjoy the videos.

Tonia Aldworth

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We Stand Beside You Newsletter

December, 2020

Wow What a Year 2020 Has been. I can not believe that we are finally at the end of this year. It is definitely not over yet. I feel I’m just getting started. How can that be! Let me tell you why. I have so many ideas running around in my head, for how we can all communicate and keep everyone feeling connected. We are all connected by CVS already but I asked myself how can we use our Facebook groups and technology. I came up with the idea of doing Zoom Gatherings. I have spoke to Mike Buhler who is a huge supporter of the group, as well other CVS groups on Facebook and we will be going live once or twice a month to discuss the topics that you are already discussing in the group but this is a way for us to have open talks, speak to others who have had the illness maybe longer than yourself. Are you a parent that has lots of questions? Are you recently diagnosed and you’re not sure what will happen next? These questions can be asked in an open forum like a Zoom Gathering. If you’re not tech savvy that is ok. You can join in using your phone. All you need is to sign up for a zoom account. THIS IS NO COST TO YOU. I will be hosting the zoom and I can have up to 100 participants. You will need to register for these but that is so that we can keep the zoom gathering to who has asked to be in the gathering. We will do our best to accommodate for all time zones as we have people from all over the world. (this is why we will do 2 gathering’s a month) 

What an amazing opportunity it will be to be able to reach out and meet and talk to others in person face to face. ~ as well if you are worried or do not like to be on camera you do not have to turn on your video, we will still be able to hear you and you will be able to participate.

I WILL NEED YOUR EMAIL ADDRESSES SO THAT I CAN SEND YOU THE LINK AND YOU CAN REGISTER. Please put the email addresses in the comments or Private Message myself.

I hope to see as many of you as we can. 

I am also ending 2020 with an amazing book that I have published for all of you. This book is a place for you to be able to keep track of SYMPTOMS, WEIGHT, MOODS, MEDICATION, FOOD INTAKE, LIQUID INTAKE, YOU CAN JOURNAL, WRITE NOTES AND COMMENTS AND KEEP TRACK OF YOUR PAIN LEVELS AS WELL.  This book will also be beneficial to you doctors and caregivers. This is something we have all been told to do. Now it’s all in one book. 

This book is available on Amazon. Depending where you are it will direct you to your amazon web page. 

My goal is to get this book into as many hands as I can. As I feel this book is needed by our community of people.

I have also decided to to a monthly Newsletter as the heading says I will be calling it We Stand Beside You 

I was trying to think of a name for the Newsletter and then it hit me, when I made my blog years ago I named it We Stand Beside You, I started that blog when I started the Facebook Group. The light bulb went off. That is a perfect name for the newsletter. 

This Newsletter will come out once a month to anyone who provides me with their email. Private message me or add to the comments.

What Will be in the Newsletter

We will choose a popular MQOTD from that month.

Tips on how to cope with Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome and it’s symptoms.

How can we become more calm as STRESS is a number one trigger for people. I’m a Certified Yoga Teacher so I will be able to add to this section to help you.

We will talk about how to explain this too others. 

I will also have open questions or polls on facebook groups to add to the newsletter as well.

I will also open the floor to others to suggest topics as well.

Anything that has to do with Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome and how it affects us all on a daily basis.

How do we keep well when we are feeling good?

I’m excited to end this year with a positive note and begin 2021 on a better note than last year.

I wish you all well and I hope you all have a Safe and Happy Holiday Season. I know it is a hard time for many this time of year, but I will leave you with this. 

Our Greatest Weakness lies in giving up ~ Thomas Alva Ediso ~ Never give up.

I wrote this a couple of days ago. 

Staying Positive Every day does not mean you have to be happy all the time. Being positive lets you see another side and that being unhappy doesn’t last forever. The sun will always shine again and clouds and rain do not last forever.

Tonia Aldworth.Administrator of One of the Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome Facebooks Groups

Author, Writer, Yoga Teacher, Owner of Stay Calm Yoga

Have You Ever Wondered What The Top Yoga Symbols Mean

Have you ever wondered what all the symbols mean in YOGA.  Well you are probably not the only one wondering what these all mean and sometimes you will see these symbols tattooed on someones body. I’m going to explain what these symbols mean. So that you have a better understanding of what they are and why we may use them.


Om signifies the universal sound of the cosmos, the first sound of creation, the big bang. It is the sound of the creator, the preserver, and the destroyer. It is the vibration from which all things come into existence and can intensify any intentions or sounds that follow it. As yoga spread to the west, so did this beautiful symbol of universal sound. You have likely seen this symbol thousands of times, from your favorite yoga mat to your local yoga studio.


In many cultures, the hamsa hand is meant to represent the hand of God and serve as protection against evil. This is why you’ll often see an eye at its center, which is meant to watch out for evil coming your way.

Alternatively, the word ‘hamsa’ means five fingers. In some ancient Hindu and Buddhist texts, it has been defined as the symbol of free-flowing life force or prana thus bringing harmony between the chakras and the 5 senses.


Another popular symbol you may have seen floating around yoga studios, yoga mats, is the lotus flower. The lotus as itself stands as a symbol of awakening the human mind to the divine within us, but there are many types of lotus flowers, the pink lotus flower, and the purple lotus flower being the most common.

The pink lotus flower signifies purity and devotion. The purple lotus flower signifies enlightenment and unity with the Brahman (universe). This flower symbol is still seen in some ancient places in India to depict the victory of the mind over the physical


Mandala loosely translates to ‘circle’ in the Sanskrit language. The outer circles represent the universe as a whole and the squares you find on the inside represent earthly levels of reality. Together, they are meant to symbolize our oneness with the universe. With each layer, we see another level of existence. It’s a beautiful representation of how we are a part of a large system that is both complex and beautiful.


The word Buddha means ‘the awakened one’ and refers to Gautam Buddha’s stories, most of which have been immortalized in many texts. He was a prince that left his life in society to begin a deep and introspective journey into finding a way to end suffering. After many years, he came to realize that happiness (aka the lack of suffering) can be achieved through the Eightfold Path. Now, practicing Buddhists use his teaching to reduce suffering in their lives and live happily


A Chakra is a spiritual power within the human body, of which there are seven. Each chakra is housed in a different area of the body and governs a unique spiritual power in your life. Depending on your life experiences, your yoga and meditation practice, and your current dedication to clearing your chakras, blockages can occur in one or several of your chakras. A blockage can manifest in a messy way, which is why Reiki healing and yoga have been such healing practices for people for centuries.


This symbol you often see on malas or the hamsa hand is known for bringing luck and protection from ‘jealous eye’. This belief is still prevalent in many places. The Native American culture calls it the ‘death-dealing’ evil eye and the Indians call it ‘buri nazar’


 Mudras are part of Hindu and Buddhist teachings. Practicing mudras help us to experience oneness with the ‘brahman’. Mudras are so important in a yoga practice that there is an entire tangent of yoga called ‘Mudra Yoga’. The Ok hand symbol is one of the most common gestures, called ‘chin mudra’, is meant to produce joy and happiness.


This sacred number is repeated throughout nature and is viewed as a bizarrely meaningful number in our existence. The distance between the earth and the sun is 108 times the diameter of the earth. The prehistoric monument Stonehenge is 108 feet in diameter. Old Buddhist monks have spoken about seeing the number in their dreams and have passed on the sacred knowledge to future monks – this is why the sacred Buddhist mantra is still chanted 108 times for healing energy imbalances and why malas usually have 108 beads.

I hope this article helps you understand some of the Yoga Symbolisms and why they mean so much to the Yoga Practice.

How To Live and Retire At a Young Age

My husband an I started out on a semi retirement journey two years ago. My husband sold his business, and his home. I quit my full time job, but before I did that, I became a certified yoga teacher taking classes with a teacher in the evening. We where living a face paced lifestyle and we knew this is not what we wanted for the second part of our life. We wanted to be able to enjoy life as well as bringing in an income.

Once he sold the house we decided to upgrade the 29 foot trailer that we already had to a 42 foot mobile home. As this was going to be our permanent residency for six months. Our goal was to buy a home in Florida, to be able to live there for six months while it was winter in Canada.

We had a goal in mind and we had a set date to head to Florida to look for our winter home A year ago. We borrowed my dads Florida home while they were still in Canada, as we left the end of September and most snow birds don’t head down until October and November. We packed up our car and our dog with what all we thought we would need to stay for six months. If we by chance had been able to buy. We knew some of the ways about buying as we knew others who had purchased homes in Florida and we also had a back up plan if we did not find anything, that we had a suite booked in Myrtle Beach South Carolina for the rest of that winter.

We had been looking online for a few months and we knew what we wanted to spend. Cost of buying the place and lot rent in a 55 plus community was our choice. We also knew ahead of time that we would have loved to be on the ocean but we knew financially we would most likely would be looking inland.

When we arrived in Florida after driving straight threw we began to make arrangements to see homes that we liked in our areas. When we drove up to the place we ended up buying we both looked at each other and said we would never live this far out or this area. It was fields of animals and we thought we were back home in the country. What we seen was what I was looking for. inside was needing work but the outside and the community was really nice and well kept and had all the amenities that we we looking for, other than the beach.

We went back to my dads place and looked around at other places. We then decided to go back and take another look. this time we looked past the famers fields. We noticed that the place was not even five minutes away from a grocery store and a few minutes away from all amenities. It was a town that was not as busy as Tampa, Orlando Or Clearwater. We liked that as in Canada we are also in a very small town.

From the time we looked at the home to purchasing and getting the keys was a total of 4 days, yes your read that right. 4 days. the one thing was to our advantage was that it was already empty. We had to furnish this as well and that was another thing we needed to take in to account. We had a full 8×10 storage unit back in Canada, so do we rent a truck and bring it all down her or do we buy from Florida. What we found out was that here in Florida you can buy very good used furniture for reasonably cheap. Which is what we did. We decided to buy two new beds as buying used was not for us. It was cheaper for us to buy a full two bedroom and Florida room than it was for us to rent a truck and bring our stuff down from Canada. This was one of the ways we saved a lot of money.

Your probably asking, well how do you live cheap? I’m under 50 years old and my husband is just under 55. We are very grateful that they let us into a 55 plus community. Most all parks have an 80/20 rule. 80 % has to be over 55 and 20% can be under.

Some people may think that we sit around and drink by the pool here in Florida. What we actually do is live on our lap tops and we make time to go to the pool when its nice. We publish books and coming up with content for these books takes hours depending on what we are making. We also spend time working on our websites, I’m busy making new jewelry and coming up with new jewelry designs. I also work on up coming workshops and yoga retreats for yoga and in these trying times how can we keep everyone safe. As well as keeping our followers and customers happy by working the social media and advertising our businesses and products. This does not happen quickly.

We love what we do, its a labor of love. Yes we get to live in the sunny south for 6 months but we are not sitting back doing nothing everyday.

How do I Make An Income?

I do yoga online ~

I have a Jewelry Line that I sell on Etsy

When I’m back home I also work at a small store to keep me busy and it helps to put away some funds for the winter.

Published Author/ I’m also in the mist of writing the first book of a murder mystery novel series. I hope to have the writing part done soon. It is a lot slower process than I thought it would be.

What does my Husband Do?

Is a Financial adviser for businesses all around the world.

My Husband has made 135 different types of books under Sand T Publishing.

These books include:

Financial these are available for e readers and paper back

Log books example diving, travel, fishing, to name a couple

Coloring books

We also shop where prices are great, we have been lucky to find the best deals around town. Down here in Florida they have a lot of buy one get one deals, or buy 4/5 for 5 dollars or ten dollars. We find that by doing this we are able to not only stock up but we are able to save money.

Purchased This Moring Nov,22,2020

For example today we went shopping and we bought a lot of stuff for only $72.00 when they rang up the total we had saved $35.00. This is a huge way to save. All of this below was $72.00 4 cases of pop for $11.00, 2 jugs of milk, two 12 packages of toilet paper these where BOGO, 2 huge packages of chicken legs they where BOGO, cans of vegetables BOGO. all of this back in Canada would have been over $100.00.

If you think you are too young to semi retired or fully retire. Anything is possible if you put your mind to it. We are not on this earth forever, we are only here for a short time. If you have dreams of retiring early and your not sure how to do this and would love to, please click the link above in my husbands information and he can guide you along the way or clink on the amazon link he has produce some amazing books on great financial advice.

I hope you enjoyed my blog today, I also would like to point out that there are some hurdles along the way as well, but most of the journey has been easy.

Stay Calm and Breathe


Stay Calm Jewelry

A little bit about the lady behind the designs. I’ve always had a flare for Style, Design and Great Jewelry and Fashion. I hope to design pieces that are natural with a flare for elegance but cost Effective for all the beautiful people in your life or yourself. I will also be looking to design beautiful pieces for your wedding day for all your special ladies and a beautiful piece for just you.

I Have traveled to many Caribbean Islands, across Canada and the United States. It is where I love rejuvenating my mind, body, and soul. It is where I have done some of my best meditation, and where I find my authentic self. This is where I get my inspiration for the custom pieces.

I am also a Certified Yoga Teacher and Instructor And a Published Author. Links will be at the bottom of the page.

The Designer and Owner is Tonia Aldworth

You may find my Stay Calm Jewelry Line at ~

Made By Me
Made By Me

My Book Was Published

Keep track of your Yoga Journey. This book contains areas on each page where you can write your own inspirational quotes, Set goals for the day or record your favorite quotes and sayings, that you came across that you liked on your journey. In the diary section of the page, you can keep a log of your yoga journey, or even your life journey. In the yoga poses section. The Yoga Journey book has many uses and is a must for any yoga practitioners of all levels the size is 6 x 9 inches.

Here is the link on Amazon.

I hope you enjoy your new book.

Stay Calm Yoga

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Can You Still Do Yoga If You Have Scoliosis

What is Scoliosis?

Scoliosis is a sideways curvature of the spine that occurs most often during the growth spurt just before puberty. While scoliosis can be caused by conditions such as cerebral palsy and muscular dystrophy, the cause of most scoliosis is unknown. About 3% of adolescents have scoliosis.

Comparing normal curves in spine with scoliosis

Most cases of scoliosis are mild, but some spine deformities continue to get more severe as children grow. Severe scoliosis can be disabling. An especially severe spinal curve can reduce the amount of space within the chest, making it difficult for the lungs to function properly.


What is Roto Scoliosis?

Rotoscoliosis is a term most often used to describe a severe form of scoliosis in which the spine not only curves to the side (as is normal with scoliosis), but the curvature is also associated with a strong degree of rotation.

Two weeks Ago I found Out I have Roto Scoliosis? I knew I had scoliosis. I woke up one morning and had sever pain in my back that went up my back and down my leg when I put my foot down. I had to have a back X-ray to find the cause..

The doctor informed me that I had Roto Scoliosis with muscle spasms.

I was glad we found the problem but now I have to find cause of it. I now have to have an MRI to determine the cause of the pain. Is it a pinched nerve or is it a herniated disk.

Not knowing the cause has got me wondering if I’m able to still do yoga. My hope was to find out the reason so that I could do some poses to help ease the strain on my back.

When looking for ways to manage scoliosis, many people turn to physical activity. One form of movement that’s gained a lot of followers in the scoliosis community is yoga.

Why yoga is beneficial for scoliosis

Yoga can be very helpful for those with scoliosis, particularly given the combination of flexibility and core stabilization needed to perform yoga poses properly.

Potential benefits of yoga for scoliosis

stretch areas tightened by spinal curvature

strengthen weakened areas affected by the spine’s position

strengthen the core overall

pain management

improve mobility and flexibility

Introducing Yoga

Know your scoliosis type

If you’re interested in trying yoga to reduce pain and correct your curve

maintain or improve spinal position.

“In other words, they need to picture which way their curve goes from behind and understand the rotation as well because if they don’t know their curve, they won’t understand how to do the poses to correct the curve.

After reading up more on what I have been told I have, I will be able to continue my yoga journey, it will just look a little different than what I had originally planned. That alright as life is a journey and things never stay the same, we are constantly evolving and changing along the way.

I hope if you know of anyone who has Scoliosis that they share this information with them as I know it always great to know when we are diagnosed with something that its never the end its just the beginning of a new chapter.

Tonia Aldworth

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Life will always throw you a curve ball, the question is will you be ready, will you have the glove to catch whatever it throws at you? Will you be able to handle it?

The chances are that you may think you can’t but in reality you have the courage and the knowledge to stand strong and be a warrior. You are never alone even though you may feel that way.

Whether or not you believe in a higher God or not you are not alone. We always walk along in life with family or friends, and when things get tough and rough who do you count on.

As we get older we know who we can count on. Or true friends and family will be there for you whether you have known them your whole life or just met them. Some of my best friends I have only known for a few years, They would be there in the middle of the night if i was stranded.

So my question or thought for today is Who can you count on? Let them know, thank them when you see them. Everyone wants to feel like they are special.

Tonia Aldworth

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A Letter To My 16 Year Old Self

If I could send a letter back in time, I would send it to my sixteen year old self. I would make sure she knew that there is no reason to worry or fret over the little things that are going on in her life at that time.

Dear Beautiful Young Lady:

I’m writing you from the future, I want you to know that you will be ok, that things work out in the end, how do I know this? Because I’am you but I’m now 48 years old in a couple of days. All the things your parents say and all the advice they give you, listen because they were right. Time does heal all heart ache, it heals all pain, you never forget but it becomes easier. The boy your upset over, well he’s moved on and so do you. The girls who bullied you well they ended up being bullied and realized that they got hurt too. The girlfriends that you have now may or may not be there in your future but they were put there for a reason you will see.

The friend or family member that passes away in your future, you will learn from them. It will shape you into the lady you will become.
I cant tell you everything as you will not be able to live and learn from your mistakes or you success’s. I wish that I could but then it wouldn’t be called your future. But let me just say this you will have fun, you will love and you will get hurt and you will be sad and you will be over joyed, but you will live a beautiful life, with beautiful friends and family in it. Love your self as only you know how to do that, You can not tell or show anyone how to, and like your self as if you do not like your self no one else can.
Another piece of advice that was given to me, learn to like your self and learn to love being alone. Its the best gift. if you do not love yourself how can to let anyone else love you.

The last piece of advice, be yourself, try not to be anyone else as you are born to shine so if your trying to shine under another ones light you will be in the shadow instead of shining yourself. your the best one to be yourself.
Enjoy your life for its the ride of a life time and you only get one shot at it, Love, live and laugh often. and do not forget friends and boyfriends come and go but family last forever.

From ~ The Future Older Lady

So my question to others is what would you tell your younger self

Shaman Stones ~ Healing Stones ~ Moqui Marbles

These Rocks Often Come In Pairs~ They Represent a Record of How Water Moved Rock Millions Of Years Ago, Its a Lovely metaphor for Marriage and True Partnership ~ Together You Can Move Mountains

When my husband and I Got married a dear friend of mine gave us these Rocks for a gift, I absolutely Love them. They are the Brown Balls ~ Moqui Marbles

Shaman stones are high energy stones and are powerful allies to have for personal path workings and for healing. In personal matters the stones can connect the shaman with earth energies. They are powerful in grounding and energies.

Moqui Marbles come from the Indians and means faithful favorite. They are also called Shamans stones because they were used by the Shamans as healing stones and still are. …Moqui balls are a together a couple, one is a male, the other female

The moqui marbles are no more than 25 million years old — a sharp contrast to the 190-million-year-old Navajo Sandstone.

The stones are powerful protectors, they can absorb negative energy and transform it in to positive useful energy. If one stone is placed at the crown and another is placed on the soles of the feet, the shaman stones can purify and normalize the flow of chakra energies in the one being treated. The stones seem to have a positive effect on any area they are placed over. You can use the stones on your third eye to activate clairvoyance, and distant events visions, both past and future.

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Tonia Aldworth