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My husband and I have retired and moved abroad to a small coastal town in Ecuador. Come along with us and we will show you Beautiful Ecuador. Link Below

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We decided that living the rate race in Canada was not for us. We decided to start off snowbirding in Florida for two years and then we realized that moving abroad would be for us as we both had dreams of living in a coastal town. When things got tougher to travel back and forth due to the recent pandemic we decided to move our five-year plan to two. we sold everything and took the plunge from Florida. So come along with us and we will show you that dreams do come true. And that you can do this as well.

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My Fears of Living Abroad

So you have made the decision to move abroad. Now What? The first thing that went through my mind was OMG NOW What. That is when fear struck. All the questions ran through my mind. Where To? How? and When? As well as The language barrier. Where To? We had been looking into other countries, like … Continue reading My Fears of Living Abroad