Chapter Five: The Pain Body

Oprah read a Poem about Tree’s I have shared it.

“Lost” [by David Wagoner]


Stand still. The trees ahead and bushes beside you
Are not lost. Wherever you are is called Here,
And you must treat it as a powerful stranger,
Must ask permission to know it and be known.
The forest breathes. Listen. It answers,
I have made this place around you.
If you leave it, you may come back again, saying Here.
No two trees are the same to Raven.
No two branches are the same to Wren.
If what a tree or a bush does is lost on you,
You are surely lost. Stand still. The forest knows
Where you are. You must let it find you.

— David Wagoner


Pg, 141

Nothing ever happened in the past that can prevent you from being present now, and if the past can not prevent you from being present now, what power does it have?

People deal with pain body in many different ways, Some people eat it away, drink it away or do drugs. Others become physically ill.

Pain Body In Death:

Allow mourning to happen. A lot of people get angry, or upset when someone passes, as they are not sure what to do without that person. You need to allow your emotions to come. Everyone needs to mourn the loss. Peace always out lives the pain body, when one passes.

Once you accept it, that’s when the peace comes. People want to hold on to the way it was, not accepting what is.

Pg: 146

All things are vibrating energy fields in ceaseless motion. The chair you sit on, the book you are holding in your hands appear solid and motionless only because their vibrational frequency.

Pg: 152

Entertainment, The Media and the Pain Body

If you’re not familiar with our contemporary civilisation, if you had come here from another planet, one of the things that would amaze you is that millions of people love and pay money to watch humans kill and inflict pain on each other and call it “ENTERTAINMENT”. Why do violent films attract such large audiences? There is an entire industry, a large part of which fuels the human addiction to unhappiness. The pain body is what writes the movies, It’s our pain body that likes the movies.

*Side note they are speaking of Senator Obama in the video. Before he became president, my how time flies, and how things can change.

You can only get beyond it by taking responsibility for your inner state now. Even if blame seems more justified, as long as you blame others, you keep feeling the pain body with your thoughts and remain trapped in your own ego. There is only one perpetrator of evil on the planet: Human unconsciousness. The realization is true forgiveness. With forgivness, your victim identity dissolves, and your true power emerges – the POWER OF PRESENCE. Instead of blaming the darkness, you bring in the light. pg 159/160 end of the chapter.

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Next week I will be discussing Chapter Six. Breaking Free


Our FLORIDA Trip 2018, from Ava’s point of View



I have never wrote a blog before, it’s always been mommy, so bare withe me.

I’m going to be documenting the trip from a dogs perspective, mommy may chime in here and there.

I have been told that mommy and I are going on a trip, to see my Papa And Nana in Florida. I’ve been on trips before, when I was 4 months old we went on a plane to Newfoundland to see Papa and Nana, but that was a couple of years ago now. The other trip I went on was last year with my mommy and granny we drove eighteen hours from Ontario Canada to Myrtle Beach South Carolina. My that was a long trip, but mommy stopped to let me get out and run around and do my business, as well her and granny did as well.  the picture above is me on the beach in South Carolina. I love the beach. All the new smells and the ocean was pretty nice too.

I think my mommy is a little worried because I have to stay in a carrier under the seat in front of her and she’s afraid I may whine or bark to be let out. So she went to see my Vet doctor to see if he would give me something to settle me down so I’m not anxious on the plane. I have heard my mommy telling my granny that she doesn’t want to give it to me but I heard the vet tell mommy that its ok and it wont harm me, but mommy worry’s and if you ask me a little too much. But that’s what mommy’s do, they worry.

I know we are soon leaving because, the suit case is out and packed that we took to go see Papa before. And that carrier is out and mommy has been putting things in my carrier that I will need. I see bright coloured clothes being put into it so I’m assuming that it means we are heading to a warm place, Mommy has packed some of my dresses in with her stuff. I seen a dress that I have never worn before so I think she picked it up for me to wear on the plane. I love when mommy dresses me up, makes me feel special. I also seen that she has packed some of my treats as well, I sure hope she doesn’t forget my favorite toys either. I see her checking of lists, and double checking that we have everything.

I havent seen Papa and Nana since they left to go to Florida in January. They moved closer to us, so I was seeing them a lot more before they left. I can’t wait to see them. I heard mommy on the phone that we only have a couple of days and we leave.

I don’t understand how long that is, but it seems like forever.

I hope I’m good for mommy, which I’m sure I will be, Im always a good girl, well that’s what she tells me.

So follow along on our trip. I will be excited to share with you all how the trip is going.

I better finish up here because my bedtime bone is waiting for me on my bed and I will have to go to sleep soon and dream about running and playing in the warm weather. It will be so nice to have the warmth under my paws and not the cold snow and ice.

I cant wait until we go. I think its going to be PAWSOME!

Ava Maria

proof read by mommy aka Tonia



Game Night, The Movie PG 14

I will not be posting any spoilers to the movie. 

download (7)

I seen this movies trailer when I was seeing another movie. It seemed funny and looking like there would be a lot of action, in it.

I took this from the internet to explain what the movie was about.

Max and Annie’s weekly game night gets kicked up a notch when Max’s brother Brooks arranges a murder mystery party — complete with fake thugs and federal agents. So when Brooks gets kidnapped, it’s all supposed to be part of the game. As the competitors set out to solve the case, they start to learnn that neither the game nor Brooks are what they seem to be. The friends soon find themselves in over their heads as each twist leads to another unexpected turn over the course of one chaotic night.

I found the movie to keep you on the edge your seat, not knowing what was coming next, and it was really funny. I knew it was not just me who thought it was funny because everyone was laughing out loud at the same parts.

Jason Batemen

Image result

Jason is known to play funny characters, in his past movies like The Couples Retreat.

Rachel Mcadams


Rachel was a great actress and she brought a sweet charm to the movie and she played a funny character.

The character that I found that stood out for me was Billy Magnussen. I’ve seen him in other movies, so I knew this actor but he played a great role in this movie. He was able to be funny and charming. He shone through his character. Great job Billy.

download (9)

Billy has been in movies, television, and broadway. here’s a link to his acting career.

The list of the cast is in the link below:


The trailer to the movie is in the link below:


I hope you all enjoy the movie as mucha as I did its worth the money to go see it.



images (3)images (4)



I know it’s not a lot compared to some other bloggers that I follow but It is a great accomplishment. I have been blogging for a long time now. I noticed that I had not blogged much in the last couple years, but I decided to spend some more time on the blog and I’m enjoying it more now than ever. I have been doing a book series every Sunday, writing about things that matter to people. Things that I’m passionate about. I belive once you start to write about the things that you are passionate about the followers and content become stronger and more enjoyable.

I have always loved to write and I loved English classes growing up. Books fascinate me, whether it is fiction or true stories. I love to get lost in a great book. Blogging has been great to be able to read what others are writing about and how others view this world we live in. I love reading the blogs that people write about travel, as I LOVE to travel.

I hope that I can keep writing about the things that  matter to us all. My blog is not designated to one type of style or content. I like to write about every day things, movie reviews and book reviews. As well when I travel I will continue to blog about my travels.





Positive-Energy-Flow-sage-goddess-Facebook-blog-1024x538.jpg.optimalpicture from google



I’m hearing a lot of people talking lately about energy. I don’t mean electricity. I mean the kind of energy we feed off of, and the energy we send out into the world. Negative and positive energy. There seems to be a lot of it lately. 

I prefer to send out positive energy. I also choose to not watch a lot of news. I use to watch the morning news and entertainment show, faithfully but I have not had it on in so long. I always say if there is news that’s important for me to hear someone ALWAYS texts me or let’s me know. I also get some of it from outlets through Facebook or Instagram. I can go on, when I choose to. It’s not constantly streaming on the tv.

Then there is the energy from serious issues going on. Like hurricanes and floods or natural disasters. 

When elections happen, presidents and prime minister’s being chosen causes lots of energy whether it’s positive or negative. People feed off of it. 


I’m very good at feeling someone’s energy or picking up a vibe that something is bothering them. Usually when they come forward my thoughts had been right. It could be positive or negative. 


I believe we all feed off of energy. It’s how most people determine what their feelings are in that moment, and depending what they are doing. Whether it’s a concert, sporting event, gatherings of people in any situation. We adapt to our surroundings. That’s energy  that we feed off of. 

download (6)picture from google


I hope that when I’m with people I give off a positive energy. They say it’s better to leave someone feeling better about themselves after you have been with them, than feeling like they wished they never seen you. Always give off a positive and cheerful feelings and vibes as we all could use that in this day in age. 

48a55d290d3cfa7a641b1d5bea245fd3 picture from google

My Question to you is how do you all feel about the energy?  How does it affect you, in this difficult time we as a nation and a country. It doesnt matter where you are from, it seems to be affecting everyone every where.

Keep spreding positive energy and light into the world it will be noticed and people will feel it coming from you. BE THE REASON SOMEONE SMILES TODAY.


Family Day In Ontario Canada

images (1)


Today is a Holiday for most people across most of the Canadian Provinces. It’s a long time between Christmas and Easter, So they have added Family day to allow family’s to spend time together. Although some professions are not able to allow for time off, like doctors, nurses, personal support workers, professionals that we need to work. They are most definitely needed and they are taking care of our familys that we are able to hopefully see as well on this day.

Today I chose to go for a nice walk with Ava, and finish up some blogging posts that i have to schedule ahead of time, as I’m heading on vacation in a week. I could probably still work on the blogs, but I choose to spend it with family, as that’s who I’m heading to see for a couple of weeks.


I hope everyone that is celebrating FAMILY DAY, today is having a great day. 



images (2)


Chapter Four: The many Faces of The Ego



Taking moments out of your day is a great way to have some stillness. I wear a Fit Bit and there is an option on it that allows you to breathe and become still for two minutes. it tracks your breathing and your heart rate to slow your breathing down. I find this is a great tool to fins some calmness throughout the day.

Question: What happens if your partner or friends don’t feel they need this book or the classes or have no interest in this, but you feel its great and you think it could help them as well?

The Shift can only happen within yourself, allow others to be where they are, not everyone is ready, to change or become awaken. Part of your change is to not judge, others if they are not ready for a shift of change.  And that’s ok, I’m also, not expecting everyone who reads my blog to want to follow along or are interested in this weekly blog and that’s ok. Im doing it for the ones who are interested and are following along. When in the blogging world not everyone is interested in all the topics we write about. 

The Pathological Ego:

What a dreadful day? Without realizing that the cold, the wind, and rain or whatever condition you react to is not dreadful. They are as they are. What is dreadful is your reaction, your inner resistance. In Shakespeare’s words, There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so. pg 110-111 of the book.

download (5)

Bring meditation into your day, every so often through out the day go look out the window, or put a flower near your desk, and just glance over at it and look at the beauty of the flower. Taking a few moments a day to meditate does not have to be a big think, just something small.

Dog, are guardian beings, Dogs are living in this moment always. Dogs only live in the moment and react in the moment. That is why they are so happy to see you,

How do you raise a conscious child while they are upset?

Pay attention to your own consciousness when in the issue of conflict. Children pick up your energy and feed off of it.

The Secret to Happiness:

One with Life. Being one with life is being one with now. You then realize that you don’t live your life, but life lives you. Life is the dancer and we are the dance. 

Next week I will be talking about Chapter Five. The Pain Body










Fifty Shades Freed

Calling all who loved the FIFTY SHADES SERIES. My review of the books and the final Movie.

downloaddownload (3)

I have read the series, and just finished seeing the last movie. FIFTY SHADES FREED


I absolutely loved the book and the movie, it was a great story, it was sexy, sensual and it was great to see the book come to life on-screen.

I know when they casted Jamie Dornan after Charlie Hunnam backed out people had been not too happy. I was one of them I thought he would have been a great actor to play the role of Mr. Grey. And for Dakota Johnson a lot of people felt she was the wrong person as well to play the role. After seeing the movies, I believe that they were absolutely the best actors to play these roles. He is strong and a very good looking man to play the Mr. Grey that I pictured in my head while reading the books, and she played a very innocent but sensual character well.

This movie was by far the best of them all, in my opinion. I’m sad to see the series end.

I know there is a lot of people against these movies, due to the content, and of Anastasia Steele  being a  submissive person. This is fantasy, role-playing and the character went into the relationship full well knowing what her relationship would be with Mr. Grey. These types of books and stories are not for everyone and I totally understand that.

These books and movies are not everyone’s cup of tea. Love comes in all forms and styles. We are free to love and be loved no matter how or who with. If we like to get lost in a world of fantacy then to each is own. I loved the books and loved the movie, I give it a 10/10 and wish there more coming.


Thank you for taking the time to read the review.


Have You Ever Experienced Deja Vu

Have you ever experienced Daja Vu? Was the question I chose to answer today in the 500 writing prompts book.

My answer:

Yes I’m always experiencing déjà Vu. I could be doing anything, it doesn’t have to be anything in particular. I just get a feeling at any moment whether alone or with others, that I think I’ve done this or said that before in that same moment.

My grandma use to say, it means you are on the right path and it’s God or what you believe in, showing you that your on the right path in life. As your life is already planned out for you ahead of your time.

What have you experienced with Deja Vu?


PyeongChang WINTER Olympics 2018 An AMAZING STORY!


Heres an amazing story, from a near death accident to WINNING BRONZE


An amazing story came into my news feed about a CANADIAN SNOWBOARDER. His name is Mark McMorris and he’s from Saskatchewan Canada. This 24-year-old man nearly died a year ago he was in a serious accident. Not only did he survive a serious accident he went on to win Bronze in Pyeong Chang a year later. I thinks it’s a warm-hearted story. His fight and determination shows that he worked hard to do his comeback.

images (11)

download (13)

download (14)

download (15)


download (16)

GOOD LUCK to all the athletes striving for gold.