I wrote this acouple of years ago, I thought I would re post it. Enjoy

Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome #cvsisarealthing


CVS is a disorder that not many people have heard of, But when you have the illness, and you belong to a group of people who have it, or look after someone who does have it, you realize its more common than not. So why is it then that doctors have not heard of it or why do they seem to think that patients that come into the ER are drug seekers. This is disorder can be very debilitating, as well a person may not look ill all the time.

Please take a look and get to know what CVS is in the link below.


People who have this can range in age from infant to being diagnosed at an older age. People who have this feel very very alone, this illness is also an invisible illness as you can feel great one minute and then the next your feeling horrible. It can be very debilitating.

I started a Facebook group 6 years ago, https://www.facebook.com/groups/25359810136/ as I was very ill from this disorder myself. I started it to keep my friends and family up to date with my illness and now its has 3,533  members, people who suffer or they are supporting people who suffer or they are parents of children who have CVS. Having CVS myself I cant imagine being a parent and having to watch a child go threw this.

Im still trying to figure how so many people have this illness and doctors still are unaware of this disorder and are telling the patient that they are making it up or that they are anorexia/bulimia or that they are seeking drugs. This angers me. Why would anyone want to suffer such a disorder.

Im so glad that I started the group on Facebook it’s a great place for people to connect and not feel so alone. Whether it be the person who is suffering or a parent or loved one. Sometimes it brings tears to my eyes when I get a personal note from one of them telling me how this group have changed their lives and how they no longer feel alone.

I pray that each and every person who suffers this disorder are able to get a cure for this disorder and not just having to take medication to help with the symptoms. One may feel great and then all of a sudden get a really bad migraine or severe stomach aches or start to throw up for hours or even days at a time. Most people suffer severe migraines. Which cause vomiting as well.

I pray for each and everyone who suffers this horrible illness.

I have included some pictures of people who have allowed me to post on the blog. The group has many more pictures of people who suffer with CVS and there are thousands more.

This Illness may not be known by the public a lot of doctors but for the ones who do have it become frustrated to have to explain why they are ill a lot of the time.

I chose to blog about CVS to bring awarness to the public. I hope you learned something new that many suffer and when you see someone who may be under weight or ill all the time dont assume that they want to be this way or that they are making  themselves ill to be thin, maybe ask or dont assume that you know. Knowlege is powerful.

I’m also the administrator of the Facebook Page, mentioned in the above. If you do not suffer but would like to join please add yourself you will be more than welcome. Thank you for reading my blog and please   feel free to follow my blog.

Thanks again

Tonia Giles

Stand Up Paddle Boarding,


Stand Up Paddle Boarding Whats your Hobby


I wanted to find a hobby that I could really get into, one that I could do alone or do with others. I wanted to be able to go and get away. I took an interest in SUP. Stand up Paddle boarding. I wanted to try and use it before I purchased such a costly thing. What better way then when I was in St, Martin. I decided to get a lesson and try it out. Even though the waves were up I was told that’s the best time to learn when its wavy because if you learn in calm waters you will have a harder time when the waves pick up.


It was the best feeling going across the crystal clear blue waters. Looking back at the sandy white beach. Looking down and passing sea turtles. What a thrill it was, as well as being a very relaxing ride. I felt I was in my element and that I had found my new hobby.

Now the time came to research and look around at what would be the best board to fit my size and style. Not only did I have the issue of type of board, I also own a very small shot car that would only hold a certain length of board. As well I needed a board that wasn’t too heavy. As I would be the one lifting it up over my head to put on and off my car, so it needed to be a good weight.

After a lot of researching I decided to go look at a friends store that sold them. They found me a nice board with everything that I needed to make my new hobby soar. I found a board that matched the colour of my car as well. The board and car match perfectly. LOL

I drove off the lot the same day that I went to look at the boards.



Fast forward another summer and I was able to purchase a trailer and found a spot on a calm lake that I’m able to paddle on. Its calm and relaxing. I also picked up myself a beautiful dog last summer as well and I have trained her to ride along with me on the board. I only take her out on nice days not too hot. Ava and I have had many rides on the board this past summer and I plan to go on many more rides this coming summer.

I find this hobby so relaxing just myself, Ava and to open waters of the lake. The best time to paddle I find is in the evening as the sun is going down and the lake is calm and the fishermen are out trying to catch the mornings breakfast. Listening to the loons calling for their mates.

I hope that whatever hobbies that you love to do, that you find your inner peace and solace in whatever you are doing. Take time to breath and meditate in anyway that suits your fancy.





I have recently purchased the fit bit charge 2. I wasn’t too sure how I would like it or if I would find that it wouldn’t be useful to me. I was mistaken. I find it very useful. I’m not wanting it to lose weight, as I’m fit myself. I find it really helps me to keep track of my food intake to keep my weight on, and I love the sleep track. I also find the sleep tracker of great use, I didn’t think it would be of any help to know how I slept, but its shows you everything. How long you slept, how long you were in each sleep cycle, which lets you know how well your sleeping and how many times you wake up. You ask why is this so important, the same thing my mother asked me as well. Each stage of sleep does something different for you, physically and mentally.

I also love being able to keep track of daily food intake to make sure I’m getting the full amount of calories I’m to be getting in each day to maintain my weight. I also love the fact that it tracks how many steps I’m taking and encouraging me to get up and move.

Its amazing how a small gadget can keep you on track. I’m so glad I bought it, now that I know how handy it really is.

Now I’m looking to purchase a Hydrate spark water bottle that keeps you on track with your water intake. I for sure know that I do not drink enough water. Maybe having a bottle that flashes to tell me to drink more with help. I need all the help I can get. Lol please give me some feed back on the Hydrate Spark if you have one. Thank you.